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#372099 Playstation 4 Anyone Got One?

Posted by FOCA on 06 June 2014 - 10:17 PM

I used to be a big fan of Gran Turismo when i had a PS2 and completed 1, 2 & 3 100%,


I wasted too much time on it and the gf at the time was neglected, i got rid of it because of this  


So i never got the ps3 when it came out


Years later (recently) i noticed GT6 being advertised, it brought back the good times i had years ago, total escapism and not a worry in the world, when i saw a New PS3 (12gig, 1 controller) being advertised for £100, (tescos, boxing day special) i bought it,  i bought GT5 (gt6 was £45- i would never pay that just for a game)


Before i knew it i was up half the night (the old bad habits) within a couple of months i had completed most of the (epic) game i decided to lend it to a local youth club on their games night, they only had a PS2, a wii and a few games (mostly too scratched to play) - i got 4 controllers and bought all the secondhand 4-player offline games i could get, it was awesome to see the (big and small!) boys playing 4-at-a-time and really getting into it - it was a big hit and revitalized the games noght, and probably even the club


I could also take it home and play it, but with lending it as well i did not waste so much time playing it wen i could have done something useful instead (though it was good escapism, as long as i did not get carried away )


I probably wast too much time on here too, but at least my bost may be useful to someone :)


I needed to get a hard drive as the 12gig was not big enough, i aquired a caddy and bought a very expensive SSD drive (6-times faster than most)


Ive recently reached level 40 (highest level- cannot go any further, and only 2 main races to complete ) on GT5 and got a shot of GT6 and completed most of the main races in 2 weeks


I plan to donate the ps3 to the club - i already picked up a 360 and a handful of cheap secondhand 360 games for them already


I used to build custom PCs (im swapping out the SSD i fitted to the PS3 for a 500gig conventional hard-drive to build a powerful PC) but prefer dedicated consoles (PS3/ x-box 360) for games   


I was going to buy a ps4 bot am not bothered as it does not play ps3 discs, there is not very many games available for it, the console is too expensive for what it is, so are the games and its not that much better than a ps3 anyway, if more games become available and the price comes down that may change,- if you are loaded you could have both (and an x-box 1! )


But right now i recon you are better off with a ps3, or a 360 

#371537 Clunk Everytrip

Posted by FOCA on 05 June 2014 - 01:40 PM

Hi all. New member to the forum. Need help.


I have a Ford Escort van 2002.

When i hit a bump no matter how small, I get a clunk at the rear end.

Sounds like metal to metal.

I have checked all the obvious, exhaust shocks, etc.


The punch line is....it only happens when it rains or the ground is wet.

Has anyone got any ideas?


Its unlikely to be the CV joints as they are at the front (could they sound like the noise is coming from the back?)


is it a dead rear axle with leaf springs on that model? (leafs rubbing together? ) or rain/ water coming off the wheels/ hitting the arches etc


Since its only when its wet on the ground, - perpaps its your umbrella rattling about in the back :lol:

#371397 Temperature Gauge Worry

Posted by FOCA on 05 June 2014 - 12:52 AM

yeah when i put my foot down and travel around 75mph it goes a little above half but then once im cruising along it drops to roughly half again. im guessing this is just because the turbo is kicking in and heating it a little bit above average. its quite a way off the red tho so im thinking its hopefully nothing to sorry myself about

Its a small point, and mentioned in a previous post of mine but important to others reading this and wanting to learn more about engines, etc  - 


Its not the turbo itself that heats your engine up  because  the turbo does not heat the engine cooling system directly, more power produces more heat but it is the engine itself (combustion) that causes this. 


 The same thing that is happening to your car can also happen to an NA (Naturally Asperated or non-turbo) engine  

#369256 Something Wrong Or Mind Playing Tricks On Me?

Posted by FOCA on 29 May 2014 - 06:20 PM

Check your engine / gearbox mounts - especially the one at the back, under the car  


The torque reaction from accelerating to braking can make a clunking noise with a lose/ damaged/ worn mount

#369039 Whats Your Car Name And Why?

Posted by FOCA on 29 May 2014 - 01:29 AM

Ive had my car 9+ years, ive pulled it apart and put it back together, and when i put it back together, i changed a lot of it, putting a lot of my ideas into it - untill its the only one of its kind


I almost feel ashamed that its only called "my car" "the car" "the Mondeo" i suppose a while back when i kept turning the Boost pressure up too high and blowing the boost hoses off i had other names for it - none printable here, though! :lol:    

#367603 Top Speed In A 1.8Tdci Mk2?

Posted by FOCA on 24 May 2014 - 08:13 PM

I'm curious as too how fast it can actually go now lol

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Depends on the conditions - if it is a downhill or even a slight gradient, it can make a big difference, same with a slight tailwind - thats why record-breaking speed runs have to be on flat ground and have to go one way, then turn round and go in the other direction within a certain time to count  


The distance/ time taken to reack the speed is important and many speed runs are done over a certain distance (like 2 miles) what is the point if it takes 20 miles to reach a top speed? its the speed that it reaches in a short (ish) distance that counts  

#365644 Ford's Mondeo Body Kit

Posted by FOCA on 19 May 2014 - 11:51 AM

Just stick some on - here are some on ebay -








Cheaper than buying a new car :lol:

#365240 St Mk3 Turbo Timer

Posted by FOCA on 18 May 2014 - 03:00 AM

Probably not - can be a dangerous thing and annoying - mostly its put on cars as a "micky mouse" thing that dont really need them and as far as i am aware they are not road legal in the uk


Just let the engine idle for a minite / and don't blip the throttle before turning off the ignition after a hard run - (good habits) should be fine/ has the same effect


regular oil/ filter changes/ decent oil helps as well   

#364972 Car Smell????

Posted by FOCA on 17 May 2014 - 01:27 AM

A "new car" smell is from the solvents  etc and various different smells  


Pro valeters use all sorts of products on different surfaces that can take ages for the smell(s) to go away, they also have "new car smell" perfume! - you can find out what they use and can sometimes even buy the products direct  


Magic trees etc can not really emulate a full pro valet - just not the same  

#364971 52 Tdci 130 ** Black Smoke Under Boots, Little To No Power **

Posted by FOCA on 17 May 2014 - 01:15 AM

Agreed - but you may have a different boost hose set up to later Mondeos with the EGR valve at the back* - different boost hoses are more liable to fail than the front EGR design


It can be difficult to find the split/leak without taking the hoses off to examine them


I recommend you fit a solid EGR blanking plate as your Mondeo is a Euro3 so can have one fitted with no problem*


(*assuming you have a 2002 Mondeo TDCI as it says in your profile)


If you can post up a picture of the engine bay with the cover off it will help to see which type  

#364862 8 Legged Freaks!

Posted by FOCA on 16 May 2014 - 06:50 PM

I often seem to have a resident one in my offside wing mirror.

Little beggar.

Me too!, every day when i 1st go out to the car there is a web across the mirror, i sweep it away and then there is another tomorrow - spider must live inside the mirror   - i could probably get a small mouse in there to eat the spider - then a cat to eat the mouse, then a dog......   :lol:   

#364473 "diesel Knock"

Posted by FOCA on 14 May 2014 - 11:17 PM

The knock and spluttering is likeley to be the EGR valve opening - when it opens burn't exhaust fumes are injected into the inlet, that also contaminate the inlet manifold with carbon,


A cleanout of the inlet manifold would be a worthwhile thing


Fitting a solid EGR blanking plate could eliminate the "splutter and knock"


another thing that may help is getting the engine terracleaned


Some fuel contains detergents, adding this (or injector cleaner) may also help, a good long run, and an "italian tune up", can really help - modern diesels don't like city driving/ short journeys/ sedate driving - especially if it is done repeatedly


EDIT - there is much about the things i have mentioned on the forum/ site

#364241 I Had Best Introduce Myself.

Posted by FOCA on 14 May 2014 - 11:46 AM

They would make good avatar pictures


Im a bit of an artist myself (no, i never worked for the government to "draw" the dole :lol: )


hard to believe but if you look at my avatar the side exhausts, spoiler and furry dice are drawn completely freehand! :lol:

#363540 Cheap But !Removed! Good

Posted by FOCA on 12 May 2014 - 04:33 PM

Wouldn't know mate but with a six on the floor and a miltek underneath and a new kn 57i under the hood giving wheel spin through every gear I think I'm alright ! Much better than the old st24

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

If the K&N is under the bonnet, those are the ones to avoid as it will loose power when it draws warm/ hot air - some kits are fully encapsulated or go into the wing, so draw cool air (CAIS) for more power / no power loss  


The car is not supposed to spin in any gear - the ESP is supposed to take care of that , if you are spinning, you are not accelerating, 6th is an overdrive, so i would be concerned about the wheels spinning, check the tread on the front wheels, that they are not bald  

#363075 Looks Like A Focus-Drinks Like A Mustang!!

Posted by FOCA on 11 May 2014 - 03:13 PM

Good afternoon.My good Lady runs a 1.6 petrol Zetec (2009) Whilst it is a nice motor to drive but it is rather thirsty It only averages (according to the trip computer around 33 mpg but I suspect even that is optimistic)It is used for mixed driving, not just town work so I find this a bit rubbish.So bad I am consideing buying an A%*"^a! Is this common for this year focus or is there something I can do? It is never thrashed (never seen 90 mph)and not seen 3500 rpm through the gears either.

I suspect Ford have added all the bells and whistles on this car and made it considerably heavier whilst sticking with the old 100 bhp zetec engine.We owned a 2002 mk 1 Focus and that was at least 5 mpg better with better performance.

Well, 33mpg is not that bad, a Mustang may only return 15-20mpg  


driving style has a lot to do with it - i usually do the driving am not often driven, i was in a car where the driver slowed down  changed into 1st and stopped at every roundabout, junction etc, where i would have been is 2nd, at least creeping forward, and i would have read the road ahead better, so i would have lifted off sooner in situations where i know im going to have to stop - all this stuff adds up 


So different drivers/ different techniques can give significant differences in MPG


Driving slowly does not nessisarily give better MPG, changing up too earlly or going uphill in too high a gear (at too little revs) or being lazy and not changing down when required may use more fuel because the engine may require a larger throttle opening, may "labor" and may mot be at the most efficient revs (especially with a petrol-engined car) - not revving the car can also be surprisingly bad for it


AC can have a significant negative effect around town or in start-stop driving/ or when accelerating/ repetitive accelerating - it can be upto 4MPG - at a constant speed (eg- cruising on the M-way) it has little effect on MPG


Wheel / tyre weight, tyre width tyre make/ type and pressure can have a significant effect on MPG - a Mondeo mk3 (or4) 16" steel wheel+ tyre weighs 17.4kgs,(x4 = 69.6) an 18" ST wheel weighs 22kgs (x4 = 88) - this is rotatng mass - approx 20 more kilos to be accelerated/ de-celerated - so much so that the same models but with different wheels have different manufacturers/ govmt figures


Narrower tyres tend to get better MPG than wider ones (less drag)


Tyre design has moved on and some "eco"  "energy efficient" models return significantly improved MPG - some "mud and snow" "winter" or "all weather" tyres may return very poor MPG


I run 60psi on my bike - if ive not been on it a while, and the pressures have dropped, i can really feel the difference in drag, its less obvious in the car, but i run 41psi on the back, and 39 in the front, it took a bit of trial and error to get to these PSIs, the Mondeo is heavier than a Focus, but running an extra couple of PSI can help reduce drag (increasing MPG) the ride can suffer - but im Scottish  -  try 36PSI