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Kerbed A Wheel Aaarghhh!!!

22 July 2014 - 06:11 PM

So no one to blame except myself as I've kerbed one of my alloys

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I am really p****d with myself shows up so much with alloy being grey. Getting quotes in and probably going to cost me about £50-£60 to fix

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Painting St Engine Cover

08 July 2014 - 08:07 PM

Hi guys I remember seeing a photo of a mk7.5 ST on here somewhere where the guy had painted the engine cover to match the body colour.

Anyone have any suggestions for best way to do this? I'm guessing it will need plastic primer and heat resistant paint but can I buy that in the same colour as my car, sprit blue?

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Want To Join The Yorkshire / M1 South Ford Fair Convoy?

03 July 2014 - 06:42 PM

OK guys with just a month to go I thought I would plan a Yorkshire FOC convoy down to Ford Fair this year to see if anyone is interested. If anyone from Yorkshire wants to join and drive down please reply to this post with details of your car model and colour and where you will be joining from the list below. If we can get a fair few cars it should make a decent convoy on the M1. Even if you are not going to be on the FOC stand you are more than welcome to drive down with us.

Now don’t forget there are lengthy road works south of Sheffield that last for about 20 miles with average speed cameras set at 50MPH. In order for us to get on the FOC stand we need to make sure we arrive at Silverstone by no later than 7.30-8 am. My plan is to head straight down the M1 to J15A and onto the A43 to the circuit. There is a McDonalds just before the circuit which should be a good place to grab some breakfast if we have enough time.

To be sure we arrive in plenty of time I suggest we only wait for around 10 minutes at each stop, so if you want to join make sure you arrive early and park up near the car park entrance so we can see you when we arrive.

So planned meeting points so far;

Wooley Edge services southbound 5.00 to 5.10am.

Woodhall services southbound 5.40 to 5.50am

Leicester Forest East southbound 6.50 to 7am


If any other areas are arranging to meet and travel down the M1 we can always meet you somewhere and if anyone has any suggestions for additional meeting points let me know and I can add them in. I look forward to meeting you all and having a great day out.



List of folks joining so far:


Philf1 - Fiesta ST2 @ Wooley Edge
Phil 87 - Fiesta ST3 @ Wooley Edge
nath.mk7.st - Fiesta ST2 @ Woodhall
paul_focus - Focus MK1 @ Woodhall
Ikoyian - Fiesta ZS @ ?
Nathan54771 - Fiesta ZS @ M6 junction
Nerve - Focus S @ ?

First Clay And Was For My St2

16 May 2014 - 08:12 PM

It has been such a great day today I thought it was time to treat my ST2 to its first proper clean since I bought it back in January. 


This was how I did it started about 11 am;


First I cleaned wheels (realised I had no alloy wheel cleaner after getting everything out so just had to wash with Autoglym shampoo)

Rinsed car with clean water

Carplan Demon snow foam

Washed with Autoglym and the Demon foam

Rinsed off with clean water

Dried (although top be honest it was that hot it pretty much dried itself.)

Clay bar and quick detailer mist

Meguires stage 1 Paint cleaner

Meguires stage 2 polish

Meguires stage 3 carnuba wax

Wonder Waxed wheels

Metal polish on the exhaust

Bumper care all the black bits

Tyres blacked


Finished at 4 pm. Knackered!


Sit back and enjoy the shine


Pics of the finished job. Very pleased even the wife commented on how shiny it is now


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Will probably rain now knowing my luck.

Carplan Demon Foam Review

05 May 2014 - 08:42 PM

I have seen Demon Foam advertised on the TV especially on Wheeler Dealers programmes so thought I would give it a go and see what it is like. I don't expect it to be as good as products such as Meguires or Autoglym etc but thought it had to be worth a go. 


I bought mine at Asda for £8 and the container states up to 20 washes with it so less than 50p a go is pretty good value. I noticed that they also sell the Demon Shine for the same price but didn't get that this time.


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You get a nozzle attachment with it that screws on to the top and attaches directly to your hose pipe.


Attached File  IMG_0613.JPG   256.11KB   21 downloads


So the instructions tell you to attach your hose and spray your car with clean water first. To be honest this left me with just normal pressure water which is pretty poor round here so I used my hose and spray nozzle which increases the pressure for me and made this quicker. Next I attached the hose to the Demon Foam. The problem now is that there is no on/off control over the flow of water unless you turn off at the tap. This is a definite poor design feature.


So I activated the foam and sprayed the car. It's pretty good and certainly covers the car well although I noticed it was running off pretty quick rather than adhering to the car. My son helped out here by rubbing the car over whilst I continued to foam it.


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So when he had finished cleaning the car I gave it a thorough spray with clean water. It did take some time to get rid of all the foam. Then I just dried it off with a new microfibre cloth I had also bought at Asda for £3, very good value. And here are the results.


Attached File  IMG_0608.JPG   89.13KB   24 downloads Attached File  IMG_0609.JPG   255.14KB   23 downloads


Attached File  IMG_0611.JPG   137.13KB   23 downloads


I think you will agree the shine is fairly good. Definitely better than just a normal quick wash with my usual Autoglym when I don't polish as well and certainly quicker and less effort.


Overall a pretty good product in my opinion. Fair price if 20 washes are achieved and good results if you don't want to polish and just want a quick wash. Downside is the fact that there is no on/off control of the water and no enhancement to the tap pressure but otherwise I would recommend Demon Foam.


Might try the Demon Shine as well and see what results that gives.