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03 1.8 Tdci Engine Keeps Cutting Out.

23 July 2012 - 06:43 PM

i know this is the focus section but my transit connect has the same engine and i thought id get more help here. the problem ive got is ive just had the engine taken apart to replace a piston. now the mechanic has put it back together it doesnt run properly. it wont start on the key but it will when its jump started. once its running it will tick over all day but once you drive it a few metres it cuts out and the ignigtion light comes on. ive had it put on a computer and it came up with a fuel pressure regulator so i put a brand new one of those on and still the same. so then i thought it was the pump so i got another one of them put on and its still the same. the mechanic has had the van now for over 2 months and they dont seem bothered bout it. should i have had the van connceted back up to the computer after installing those parts to wipe any errors? or could there be another problem? thanx