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In Topic: Clutch Pedal Return Spring

11 June 2011 - 05:50 PM

Wow, this job truly is a b@stard to do!!!

Just spent about 4-5 hours doing this. Managed to find the hole in chassis and get the spring in there but getting the longer bit of the spring over the slot in the clutch pedal was more than a challenge. I tried the penny route but found i couldnt get the spring into the hole in the chassis, so i used 5p pieces instead as they are slightly smaller. Even with these in, the spring wasnt stretched enough and i just could not get the other end onto the clutch pedal.

My eventual solution - i found some old cable (think mine was off a lamp) and i fed this through under the steering wheel - i then tied this to the spring. I then pulled this to get the spring to stretch whilst my father in law positioned the spring into place on the clutch pedal. Job done.

On a separate note, does anyone know if i need to apply any grease or anything to this spring?

Thanks for the assistance of people who have posted before me as i wouldnt have even attempted this without finding this post.

I hope my way helps someone else who may be struggling with this. Just be warned, as Stef123 said, be prepared for a sore back and cut hands!!