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Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

23 August 2013 - 12:45 PM

Hi guys Iv owned my 57 plate focus 1.6 tdci for just under a year now.
Within a month of owning it the dpf failed so it was either have it replaced by ford for over £1000 of have it removed and deleted for £400. I opted for the removal.
Anyway after having the dpf removed the car was spot on, loads of power and no warning lights. It did however now and then let out a but if smoke.

Recently the car had a engine system failure warning and a red light on the dash come on but there was no signs of any problems so I put it down to the dpf not being deleted propery. After the light being on for a few weeks the lost all its power. It would get up to speed and I could use more than 3000 revs but just seemed to struggle to get up to speed and the car started to smoke randomly i.e. it would smoke every 5th trip out.
I noticed it would only smoke when I took my food off the pedals. It would let out quite a bit if smoke.

I got the car serviced by ford hoping that that would sort the problem. It did sort the power issue but on the odd occasion the car will lose all its power and smoke. if I pull over turn it all off and restart it it'll be fine.

This is really frustrating me not to mention embarrassing me when it's smoking.

Any ideas on the cause are appreciated.