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Had some more pictures of the cat sent to me today and it is absolutely fabulous tbh


!Removed! internet and pictures of cats!


Bare in mind that all else being equal with a 2012 car and a 2011 car with the same mileage, the 2012 one should be worth more, even though the 2012 one has done more miles per year. And, assuming that you do a more reasonable number of miles per year, it will look better over time, too.


...in Titanium trim, with factory upraded metallic paint and heated seats...


Presumably half-leather.  Metallic paint is more common than not in Titaniums. Are you happy with the wheels and tyres? They can often be upgraded on the higher end cars.

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23 August 2015 - 03:38 PM

In future, in getting technical advice it can be helpful to tell people which engine you have (or trim level, if the question is one for which that is relevant).


Remember, that answer is not just for you, it is also for other people who have a similar issue, and they'll want to know they have the same engine.

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23 August 2015 - 03:27 PM

...you can also do that with a car wash, although with that approach you are a bit more committed for a period and that may be a problem if it is a big leak.


If I was to bet, I'd bet that the repaired door wasn't well repaired and the membrane has a leak. (One door or both doors.)

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19 August 2015 - 06:38 PM



1. Want to give the car a service as had it 3-4months now and then its done ready for the winter (I think summer has gone lol)


Not serviced a Ford for years, so basically want to do the standard stuff, oil/filters etc, so would like tips and guidance on whats where, what to use, and anything to watch out for. Plus also if anything you'd suggest to be done, include info too please.



I think everything is in the usual place; the one thing I would advise is trying to use an oil to the Ford spec. rather than just going by viscosity.


2. Rear screen motor hasnt worked since owning the car. Went to Ford other day and felt a bit faint when they told me the price of a new one!!! Apprantly there are 2 different ones? Does anyone know which is the correct one to order as found a couple on that auction site, but just need to know which one. Alos, with regard to this, how do you get to the motor to replace it, as it is seized solid.

If you have success with Ryan's method that is a real result; otherwise it is probably down a breakers or a motor factors for you!




3. Got the Sony 6disc unit in the dash, which generally I am happy with, but considering a couple of options.




1 Change the head unit for a more upto date unit with more functionality, ie DAB/USB etc. Anyone done this, and can they recommend a unit that will fit. Is it a standard double din size?


2. Adding a small powered active sub (already owned). The one I own can take either line level input or speaker input level. Can the Sony unit feed the sub at line level or would a 'splice' into the rear speaker cables be needed? Where and how would be best to take power from? Needs a permenant positive and negative, and a switched supply. Anyone advise on routing/picking up supplies to enable this to be fitted?


DAB didn't come in to Mondeos until part way through the life of the Mk 4, so the 'original ft' option is out. Also, it is pretty rare for OEM-ft radios to have unused pre-outs as they tend to have exactly what is required and nothing more.


There will be third party units on eg e-bay (or maybe have a search for eonon who do some but these are the relatively expensive double DIN Android/Win app-radios- depends if that is what you want). But you have to be aware that some only work with some surround/adapter to make them fit.


So to work with the existing unit you'd have to go speaker level to the sub, and you wouldn't get DAB, short of an external DAB box, of some kind. Alternatives would be single DIN with a blanking plate or double DIN with a surround (and many aftermarket unts have pre-outs but you'd have to check the particular unit for the pre-outs that you need).


To get external power it depends on whether you need it when the ignition is off; if you don't, that's relatively easy. If you need t to switch with the head unit that can be harder (but not impossible if you have an active antenna).



In Topic: Battery Problems

12 August 2015 - 09:18 AM

Varta B18 whereas my old one was from Motorcraft


The B18 s a relatively low capacity battery. It will be suitable for some vehicles but not others.


...where I accidentally stood on the accelerator until it hit the limiter once, then the fuel needle dropped to 0 and the speed and fuel gauge needles started vibrating and shaking then went back to normal...


Well, that sounds like a reset and that should only happen if the battery voltage goes out of range. The likeliest explanations for that are either an alternator fault or a wiring fault (alternator charge circuit wiring or wiring and connections at the battery). Any chance of getting voltmeter readings off charge and when the battery should be charging?