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In Topic: Nokian Weatherproof

30 September 2015 - 07:12 PM

Allseason tyres are an interesting choice: Auto Express have been pushing them as potentially a better choice for UK conditions than the usual summer tyres, and they may have a point.


My feeling on Contis (based on SportContact 3s, not 5s) is that they do have more of a tendency to go off as temperatures go down than some of their competitors. This may have something to do with them primarily being sold into markets where it is normal to use Winter tyres in Winter, so for them possibly cold performance isn't a key issue.


Anyway, I did see that Auto Express review of the all seasons tyres. It was a shame that they couldn't get the Michelin Cross-climates in time for that test, because i reckon they would have had a shout to run the Weatherrproofs close, but at a price. I would have liked to see how that turned out, if they had been able to get the tyres.


I'd be particularly interested in your comments on wear (when you have put enough miles on them to know), because one of the potential disadvantages of low temperature tyres has been the need to make them from relatively soft rubber, so I'm interested to see how that works out. Maybe, they have found some new trick that improves matters...

In Topic: Can I Fit A New Clutch Without Replacing Flywheel?

25 September 2015 - 07:11 PM

So if I had a solid flywheel installed instead of a dual mass flywheel does that mean I would feel road surfaces , bumps more than I would with a DMF?


No; the issue is NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) from the engine and not the road.


Can I please also question that you say that solid flywheels never need to be replaced...


With a solid flywheel what usually happens is that the clutch wears out (although  have had a ring gear come away once...it looked to have been badly repaired before...in any case they can and do go wrong, just not all that often) and, if you leave the clutch long enough to wear down to the rivets that will damage the face of the flywheel, and then it will have to be replaced.


Anyway the point is that while a DMF wears out over time, a sold flywheel just goes on until something goes wrong, which could easily be longer than the life of the car, if you don't get careless with the clutch.

In Topic: Car Winter Preperation!!!!

23 September 2015 - 11:19 PM

Michelin have launched some new wipers, I've seen them in local asda.


My Local Asda (and it seems to vary by Asda - maybe the bigger ones are better in this respect) has both the Michelin ones and a cheaper brand (seem to be Lucas, but that only means that they are someone you've never heard of, in re-branded Lucas packaging).


Anyway, some of the time, I've seen them on a half price offer; unfortunately not recently. But, when they are on offer, they are really cheap.


Both the Michelins and the 'no names' are ok, really. I have had the Michelins on for the last 11 months, and there is a bit of misting (small) at the turn around point (where the passenger side blade stops and turns around, a thin line forms, which is only there for about a second; not really a big problem, but, once you've have seen it, it is a bit annoying, because you keep noticing it), which goes fairly quickly, but they are quite a clever design (from a distance, they look like at one piece design, but are really a modified conventional design disguised as one piece), but it is unclear whether that actually makes them better for the end user.


I can't really say that the cheaper ones are much worse when they are new, although they may last less well. When they are on the half price offer (£4?), you can afford to throw them on, and change them early without feeling too much pain.

In Topic: Battery Drain

23 September 2015 - 10:56 PM

Well, that meter doesn't claim a DC current range (look at the specs) so Alan is correct. One of the other problems is how you actually do the measurements; it is easy, if you have to leave the doors open/unlocked, the bonnet open and the car 'part on' for it to be drawing a different current than it would be overnight. On a Mk IV, for example, for approx the first 30 minutes after switch off, the power hold relay is still on and the current consumption is quite different from what you'd measure later.


As to 100 mA, if you have a 70 Ah battery, and is down to 35 Ah (half original capacity...capacity of lead acid batteries goes down over life, until it becomes insufficient), it would take an Ah every 10 hours, so it would last 350 hours until fully flat. That wouldn't start the car, being fully flat, so to have any chance of actually starting, so, practically, it would probably more like half that. That's 175 hours (just over a week), which is ok until you leave it at the airport for two weeks, when you had better have other measures in place...


100mA sounds on the high side to me; if that really is the current draw - which it probably isn't - then, are you sure there isn't any aftermarket equipment on the car, putting the current draw up?

In Topic: Winter/all Season Tyres

23 September 2015 - 09:57 AM

They have just been given top scores in new auto
express test but will have to wait until I've covered a few miles before I can give my review.


I would definitely be interested in hearing how you get on with them, so please do post up your review.


Try these, just come out this year & reasonably priced.



Those are the Maxxis AP2s, which are the only ones I spotted, too. They got a bit of a 'wonder review' on pneus-online, but only on the basis of one users comments, which isn't that reliable (and, if they are that recent, the reviewer probably hasn't had much time to check them out in cold/wet conditions, which is sort of the point - and, given that he is called 'Juan' and lives in Spain, you wonder how much cold/wet he actually sees - if this were an average of 20 reviews, it would all feel more reliable than just one).