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Yesterday, 12:30 PM

Are those 'audited' tank-full-to-tank-full measurements, or just reading from the (somewhat inaccurate) dash display?


In any case, those are on the low side, but it could be down to many things.

  • It is a little unreasonable to expect to get the 'official' figures, in normal driving, and that applies to any car. Some are further off than others, however, and, as I say, yours are on the low side.
  • I usually advise people to check wheels and tyres first. I once had a mate who spent more than six months trying to track down a fuel economy and performance problem, only to find that his brakes were sticking, a little. In the interim, we found a few more hp, but that wasn't really all that useful until the brake sticking problen went away.
  • Your mpg delta (to what I'd expect) is probably a bit larger than you would expect from just poor tyres, but that could be a factor. 'Bad' tracking might do it, so how do the tyres look?
  • Details like what fuel you use and its service history and how many miles it has done would help.

In Topic: Mk4 Alternator Replacement - Diy Or Garage?

22 November 2014 - 08:14 PM

While I don't really want to suggest 'something more expensive that you might buy', have you considered one of these power pack thingies? I have to say I'm (slightly) tempted to throw one in the boot and then not worry about it.




...or somewhat cheaper at Amazon.

In Topic: 2006 Focus Mk2 Passenger Speaker/tweeter Making No Sound

22 November 2014 - 12:00 AM

Look at the wires. If there are any breaks, that would be a problem. If there is a short between the wires, that would be a problem.


You might measure Ohms with a DVM. If you measure across the speaker (at the speaker), you will probably get a value about 4 ohms. You should get a very similar value measured from the Head Unit end. If there is a very low value, then you are looking for a short between the wires. If you see a high value of resistance, then you are looking for a break in the wire. You should also test for shorts to ground.


If the head unit end is difficult to get at, you could also pull the connections off the speaker and test for low resistance to ground, or low resistance between the wires. A bit more difficult to check for open circuits, but I'd expect both wires to sit at 6 volts with the head unit on, but no signal present....but it could be something else (maybe it is AC coupled, but I wouldn't have expected that - it should be doing the same as the working side though).

In Topic: 2006 Focus Mk2 Passenger Speaker/tweeter Making No Sound

21 November 2014 - 07:38 PM

Wiring is the most likely, I would think, but the Head Unit output could be dead, too (partic if there was a short across the output). The most likely places for a problem with the wiring are the connectors, where the wire bends as the door is opened or anywhere the wire might get trapped.

In Topic: Poly Rear Subframe Bushes Yes Or No?

20 November 2014 - 09:11 PM

Well, when I looked for them for a Mk IV, I couldn't find anyone who sells them. Who have you found them from?