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Yesterday, 05:54 PM

 Now, I'm not convinced it was mechanically sound - the steering was heavier that the two petrol ones I've driven and there were a lot of vibes coming through the wheel. Also, when I got the bite on the clutch, there was a loudish squeek from the engine bay, presumably the gearbox. Should there be much difference in steering feel between a 2007/08 diesel and a 2010 petrol? 


The steering might be a bit different between a petrol and a diesel, but probably not much. That said, it is probably more down to tyres (type, size, pressures) and alignment than anything very serious, but it is difficult to say.


The 'vibes' coming through the steering; if it was during braking, then it was probably just brake discs, at one particular speed, might have been been wheels out of balance (and maybe that points to someone having played silly buggers with the wheels, for some reason - refurb? moving more worn wheels around?). Any other cause sounds like trouble.


The clutch thing sounds as if it might be more serious, though; maybe first signs of a DMF problem, maybe lubrication of the mechanism?


The big question, I think is whether the supplying garage are committed to fixing any problems, at no cost to you; if they are, and you trust them, then it isn't such a big problem, if they aren't, then it is a problem and, if there is any uncertainty, walk away.


My last car was an Astra VXR so everything feels mundane now which is half of the problem. 


Well, yes, but if you can't get used to the lower excitement level, buy something else. It isn't going to get better. You could get a 200 hp diesel (slightly more with a bit of tuning), but it isn't going to be a VXR. It can be an excellent mile muncher, but that isn't going to be as immediate as a car like the VXR.

In Topic: '02 Focus W/ Alternator And/or Tranny Issue

19 September 2014 - 01:22 PM

Bare in mind that it could easily be something as simple as a corroded connector and either removing and inserting the connector a few times or applying some contact cleaner could make the problem go away. it is far from guaranteed that this is the cure/temporary fix, but it might be and is easy to do...once you know where the problem is (...assuming, etc, etc).


On some cars you do hear of this kind of problem when a ground connection, shared by several modules, starts to disintegrate.

In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

19 September 2014 - 01:12 PM

Oh, be careful! After a certain point (and I'm not exactly sure what that was; maybe someone else will know), even the 1.8 got a DPF, and you'll need to check that 2010 car.


Note that that example is quite a decent spec because it is a Zetec Sport (maybe it also had some upgrades at purchase time, you can't tell a lot from those few pictures); a plain Zetec would have been a lower spec than that.


What they say is:




Putting the touch screen/sat nav to one side (check if that is DAB - I wouldn't be surprised if it was, but I don't know), most of the stuff listed is standard across the range.


It says 'Air Con' and everything has that; it actually has the dual zone DEATC, or whatever they call it, and it is only the EDGE that doesn't have that (it has the simpler, 'turn to red for hot, blue for cold' single zone job).


Alloys; only the Edge has steels, but there are various different designs and sizes; 17 inches is a good compromise between sportiness and comfort, but it doesn't say what width. By the time that you get to the facelift (...which this isn't, but it is close in time...) the tyres get narrower in the interests of fuel economy. Usually, when I tell people tell me that I wouldn't want the narrower tyres, they tell me I'm wrong...which is odd. 


Parking sensors are good (it is a big car, and really the only time that feels like a disadvantage, is in parking), but, as been pointed out that is something that can be retrofitted quite cheaply.


I think tinted glass is only standard above, say, Zetec, but I'm not sure on that one.


Trip Computer; well, the nicest is the converse+ (Titanium up), but you get a trip computer with little info in a plain Zetec and more info as you go up or get later in time. (Not clear if this has converse+; not enough photos)


Fog lights; not on Edge.


Bluetooth, not sure where in the range that comes in. But, not all bluetooth is the same.


So, yes, while it is well equipped, but that's mostly because all Mondys, except the Edge, are well equipped. Even the plain Zetec isn't bad, except for the plain Ford radio.

In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

19 September 2014 - 12:03 PM


So do all Mondeos 2L diesel or higher have DPF? Even pre 2009?  


I've decided not to go for that one I linked above - too big and not as good nick as I'd like.  What about this 1.8 TDCI diesel Titanium X? 




Or this one?




No sat nav, but really not bothered about that.

What about DMF and injectors however? When do they usually go and are they silly money? 


AFAIK all Mk 4 2 litres have DPF. DMF failures are reckoned to start from about 80 k or so, but it depends how they have been driven and it wouldn't really surprise me if some vehicles make it to nearly twice, that without a problem.


Injectors is a bit more random, and, if I had to guess I'd say that they don't really start until about 100k and then it is difficult to predict, but they may be better on better fuel.


Both of the cars that you linked have non-DAB radios (one I can't see, but the date strongly suggests it), if that's a factor, and one has a tow bar, which, if it was me, I'd like to avoid; it depends on what has been done with it, but you can't really tell.


Note that the 1.8 doesn't really get you better fuel economy, at least according to the official figures, which are unreliable and doesn't get you cheaper tax, but you may get better availability of cars to choose from. That might be particularly true in relatively high spec form, because anyone prepared to go for the Titanium spec or above will probably want the most power that they can get, too.

In Topic: Revs Bouncing In The Morning

18 September 2014 - 07:06 PM

My suspicion is that the battery voltage is being pulled down well under the normal 13 - 14 volts (charging). I think it is probable that the battery doesn't have much capacity left, but it could be that the alternator is bad and isn't giving out enough current for these big loads, or maybe even that the drive belt is slipping.


Has it had a decent journey to ensure that the battery gets fully charged? The warning message can be a bit sensitive in early cars, so that, on its own isn't necessarily definitive.  I think with the converse+ display you can get a voltage reading, so that might be interesting (a DVM is probably still more accurate, though).


Beyond that, it is definitely worth watching, because maybe the garage should give you a battery or an alternator, under warranty. Have you tried telling the supplying dealer that something is wrong? Most dealers will try to give as little as possible, so you've got to be careful about what you tell them, because anything they can use an excuse, it is likely they will. OTOH, if they are a bit worried about it being an alternator, and they finally decide that it is a battery, they might be quite relieved, because it will be quite a bit cheaper for them, overall.