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In Topic: Power Stutters

Today, 12:08 AM

Thanks for the info , I been on a run and found that when I applied power below 3000rpm there seemed to be a delay or juddery pick up for a second , then all seemed fine it was more pronounced in 4th gear ..I tried running her hard at 3.5k rpm  and got the engine got nice and hot ..and definitely smelt of hot diesel. i have checked all the joints and fittings from the filter , fuel rail and injectors, and no evidence of leaks


It really could just be a leak. Sometimes you can't easily see them, and the mention of the smell of hot diesel makes it sound more likely.


Have you checked the seals to the injectors with the engine running, or just 'statically'? the rubber seals can also go a bit hard/perished, and they tend to leak a bit then.


Also, the air to and from the intercooler could leak.


Another possibility would be a partly blocked fuel filter, particularly if it hasn't been changed recently (how long, what fuel does it normally run on)?

In Topic: Rear Suspension Bushes

25 November 2015 - 08:47 PM

What you describe sounds a bit like the exhaust banging on a heat shield, or something. Definitely get them to check it over, as they have probably just disturbed something in doing the work.

In Topic: Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

25 November 2015 - 11:11 AM

Well, does the gear lever feel as if it has gears and they are in the right places? Also, with two people, you can get one to select gears and the other to look under the bonnet and check that the selector mechanism (cables) seem to be working ok. Looking at your first post, you may have done that already, but you really want to see things move rather than 'engage first, now go under the bonnet and look to see if it is in a different position'.


It is also possible the drive shafts/universal joints have gone...but, at some point you'll have to say 'this is beyond me, I require a mechanic', and I'm not sure what that point is for you.

In Topic: Is It Possible To Fit A Thermostat The Wrong Way Round?

24 November 2015 - 12:16 PM

If, in this weather, you tend to have the cabin heating turned up, what you describe is quite normal: the engine only makes a certain amount of excess heat, and you use most of that heating the cabin.


And, to your original question: Usually, no. Well, you can make almost anything fit with a hammer, but the usual arrangement is that the thermostat will not fit unless it is the right way around. And, even if you did fit it the wrong way around, it would probably work more-or-less normally unless you are giving it some stick, and then it might overheat. So, it doesn't seem likely as a cause, particularly as you seem to be saying that it hasn't been touched.

In Topic: Mk4 Notchy/stiff Gear Change

23 November 2015 - 02:47 PM

Mine feels a little 'notchy' - not intolerable, by any means, but you can feel it, at times. I have wondered about the oil, but haven't tried anything, largely because I haven't decided what would make sense to try.


I did try, when I first got the car, a little PTFE-loaded grease in some of the joints in the remote mechanism, but that may have only helped a little...or that may be all in the mind.


When I look at the mechanism, I can see a couple of weights that look to me a bit like someone said: 'this feels a bit notchy, and these weights will make it subjectively better', so, given those, I kind-of expected it to be a bit marginal. But that may be something I've just made up (in other words, it seems plausible, but I have no direct evidence that it is how it came about).


While mine isn't perfect, I think it is the way it came out of the factory, and in the (wide) class 'they are all like that, sir'.