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In Topic: Spare Wheel/tyre

23 July 2015 - 07:31 AM

Under the circumstances I hope you got a good price!

In Topic: Bad Fuel In Mk3 Mondeo 2.0 Tddi

20 July 2015 - 09:08 PM

I'm out of my depth, here, not knowing much about the specifics of TDDIs, but


  • the test where you couldn't get fuel gushing out still sticks in my mind; the rest of the symptoms sound at least a bit like 'getting some fuel, but not enough' so that test sticks out to me; I am not clear, with the other stuff that you have done whether you have cured that, or not
  • Is it any better if you leave the ignition on for a while (so the 'whooshing pump' has some time to whoosh) before trying to start it, or does that make it worse? does the whooshing stop after a minute or two?
  • I seem to recall some thread where someone had, eg, the silvery cap/seal off a RedEx container in the tank, with all sorts of odd results; could there be a physical object that sometimes blocks off the flow and sometimes doesn't?
  • Is it at all possible that one of the pumps is 'wired' backwards (by wired I mean either electrically or the pipe connections)? Seems implausible but that would be quite a strange one.
  • Alternatively, could the connections to the injectors have been reversed?

After that I think I'm all out of ideas, even strange ones.

In Topic: Help Please

17 July 2015 - 02:14 PM

If you are asking 'what are the dimensions of the wheels fitted to my car?' (as opposed to what dimension wheels did it have fitted at manufacture, or what were the dimensions of wheels fitted to more basic versions of the Mondeo), then the wheels will have the dimensions printed on them.


I think this is standard, these days, but sometimes the dims (wheel diameter, pan and offset) hide a bit and you often have to take a wheel off to see. Oddly, on steel wheels, the dims are often easier to find than on alloys.


if you asking one of the other questions, or even 'what is the range of wheel sizes fitted to a 2008 Mondeo', then please try to be exact about the question.

In Topic: Stop Stary Battery - 2011 Mondeo Titanium Tdci 1560cc

14 July 2015 - 08:21 PM

The warranty on 'stop-start' batteries does tend to be lower, and the price higher, so, even with the improved construction of the batteries, the increased depth of discharge does tend to wear the batteries faster.


I've not played with the stop-start batteries in any meaningful way (although, just at the minute, I have a stop-start vehicle on my drive) but I don't see any reason to need to re-calibrate the system on fitting a new battery. AFAIR, the Varta recommendation is for any battery to be charged to at least 12.5 volts before being fitted to the vehicle.

In Topic: Cheaper Tyres

12 July 2015 - 06:11 PM

Can anyone recommend a cheaper option than the very expensive continental 235/40 R 18s that came with the car.



Well you can find many cheaper tyres online than Contis; a number of them are rubbish so you have to be careful. 


Can anyone recommend a cheaper option than the very expensive continental 235/40 R 18s that came with the car.


Have tried Michelin but too much road noise. 

While Contis generally are good they are expensive. That can be ameliorated somewhat by finding a cheap suppler but they'll still be dearer than cheap tyres from the same suppler.


BTW, the above quote isn't really information unless you say which Contis which Michelins; say Ecocontacts if  available in your size would be quite different, and appeal to a diifferent driver to Sport Contacts and Sport Contact 1s would be quite different from SC5s (although you probably won't find anything earlier than SC2s still available). 


Anyway, most Michelins aren't the noisiest of tyres, so wanting something a lot quieter than that might be a bit of an ask. There are a couple of Dunlops that are particularly quiet, but they aren't the longest-lasting of tyres, so that might be problematic if wear is also one of your priorities.


The other thing is that it seems easier for the rear on a Mondy to have big noise problems than the front (...and the front to wear out quickly...) so you might want to say where you had the noise problems, which tyres you are replacing,, and what your priorities are.


Tyre leader are good, if you want what they do. When I used them, their selection of tyres wasn't as good as some suppliers. They have a 'partner program' where you make one payment and just drive up to the specified fitter, who then do the business. This is convenient, but if you have a cheap fitter, it can be cheaper buying the tyre separately.  Depends on priorities.