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In Topic: Confusing Service Schedule Requirements

08 February 2012 - 09:01 PM

One thing i would look at , is , if your warranty ends around the service mark time , then i would look at the mileage and then make that decision myself if it needed to be a Major service or not , if your only doing say 6000 miles a year and you then are out of warranty , then your could do another intrim service before a Major if your milage is well below the expected mileage and as long as far as mileage your keeping to Major componets thats what i would follow.

I would keep to them IF that requirement meant i was keeping up with my warranty.

For instance my car hit 12.500 miles before the the first year so it was serviced at that time.

I purchased the car and at the 12 month period of the first service i had it serviced , so in November i will need a Major service , but i will still have 4 Months left on the warranty so i will have to have that done :(

Car has only covered a little over 15,000 miles in 3 years so I hear what you are saying but if the dealer says it's a Major (and we go for a Minor) and a warranty item is flagged up would the dealer cover it given we have potentially not followed the manufacturers recommendations? It's strange the service manual says the service frequency is minor / major etc but the dealer says it`'s minor / minor / major?

In Topic: Brake Fluid Change After 10,000 Miles?

02 March 2011 - 10:04 PM

Booked mine in today for 2 year service and asked about brake fluid change, 196.72 for service + 39.99 for brake fluid change. They said they have some gadget that they check the brake fluid with to see if it needs changing, in the end agreed they would change it with service for all in price of 200.... still not sure whether it needs doing, never used to be done in the old days...LOL

Ouch - 196.72 for 2 year service. Granted it's a bigger engine and a diesel. Wifey paid 138. Rang a day previously and it was 165! Two other local dealers were both around 165 for 1.4 petrol / 2 year service. What do others here on the forum pay for a 1.4 petrol / 2 year service? Probably going to have to cough up 40 for brake fluid change.

In Topic: Brake Fluid Change After 10,000 Miles?

02 March 2011 - 05:18 PM


Brake fluid is hygroscopic which essentially means that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.

Over time the fluid becomes increasingly diluted with water - which has a lower boiling point than brake fluid. Under extreme conditions, heat from the brakes can cause the fluid to boil - resulting in a loss of brake effectiveness; if the fluid's old, it will boil more readily due to the water content which will increase over time.

Hence your dealer's right on this occasion, it is good practice to have a brake fluid change every two years - and according to the Ford Etis website this is part of the service schedule for the Mk7 Fiesta.

Hi Andy. Yes, I understand what you're saying so I wish Ford could have been more insistent to my wife that it was part of the service schedule rather than asking would she like it done. A question then to all you Mk7 owners out there...did you get your brake fluid changed after 2 years? Do I need to rebook it into the garage for a 39 fluid change?