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Yesterday, 09:55 PM

Out of interest how is the OBD port fixed in the car? Does it just pop out of that holder or is it fixed in from behind?

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Yesterday, 09:41 PM

Its a fair point but if someone wants a car they will have it. Many ways to do it. I guess this just stops the method that is popular at the moment which is fairly quick and simple without setting off the alarm and that is the key point.

Not saying how its done but easy to find as that was how I learnt. So it does prove nothing is ever out of public knowledge

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Yesterday, 09:25 PM

^ this :)

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Only bit is how do you blow a fuse in a car? As would a really low ampage just blow on use and do the job or can you just blow one on purpose like put it in the heated seat, blow and then pop in the obd

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Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Which would trigger the alarm as you have to be in the car to get access to the fuse box. Can't be done from the window and a real fiddle to do. I guess you could put a low blown fuse in the slot that then means you have to fiddle to remove before replacing.

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Yesterday, 08:25 PM

So does fuse 19 not control anything else other than the OBD port? You not going to get locked out the car or disable the alarm by removing it are you? If it is the case then surly this is the best route for all owners of fords - then the garage or recovery can pop one in when needed.