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In Topic: Wing Mirror Cover Fell Off?

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

Yes that plastic cover is a part number, someone who knows their parts will give it you. I think they are about £40 for the coloured covers.

In Topic: Bad First Car Buying Experience - Or The Norm?

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

I'm not sure how true it is but I was told by my dealer that Trust Ford (former Polar) are part of Ford motor company and as such can give better margins if they choose. So if correct your dealing as close to the top as possible.

In Topic: St Scuff Plates Half Illumination

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

Normally its for parts to turn up as they can make sure its sorted within the day an no dissapointment to the customer.

If they say come in for 1pm an you do and the part isnt there. They will have to turn you around an say bye. Which you would be abit miffed.

With the engine issue, they will put it on the diagnostics an it gives you a pinpoint procedure to follow (normally) an that cank take from 5 mins to 5 hours. But thats instructions from ford. (Even longer if they have to phone up ford technical. They take 30 mins to answer the *****).

Theres alot of thing that isnt explained to the customer, normally the service advisors dont know as they are taught diffrently to the technicians. I tell the customers wen i see them to try an make them understand its not as black and white as it used to be 5+ years ago.

And to annoy us technicians and the customer even more, there are certian parts that ford warranty will tell us to fit and give us a diffrent part number. An they usualy arrive within 48 hours all becuase its cheaper than ordering one straight from our normal parts system

Sorry for the essay haha!

Thanks for that. Great to know what should happen. I'm hoping they actually do a proper job at investigating the engine this time as I get the feeling last time they just passed it off as nothing they could find wrong with it. Clearly there is though.

In Topic: St Scuff Plates Half Illumination

Yesterday, 02:00 PM

I never knew it works like that to be honest and makes sense. Why don't they explain this in the first place? Like just had a call from service who want the car "until 5" which means most of the day it will just be sitting there clearly.

Mind you got them looking at the engine issue of coughing / struggling to start when hot. I've asked then to check the actual fan is working as I've never heard it kick in.

In Topic: Bad First Car Buying Experience - Or The Norm?

Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Doesn't sound right. It can be difficult and a tense game of poker at times over price, if your haggling over this but for a NEW car that isn't correct. You should reject the car under SOGA if it is not "fit for purpose". It sounds like they have not treated you correctly and maybe your best going to the media with the story as they will sit up and take note I'm sure.