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Ford Ka Head Gasket Gone

17 November 2012 - 06:08 PM

im new on here and joined so i could get some advice about my car, i have a ford KA x reg, i bought it 3 days ago, all seemed well untill driving it home the next day along the motor way at 70 mph, and it started loosing power, heaters went cold, i pulled of the motor way, and the engine cut out and steam was coming from everywhere, manage to restart it, ive been told by AA recovery that my head gasket had gone, car now starts but misfires at low revs and steams pouring out the exaust and steam coming out of the engine block somehwere, and thats from a cold enine. cant afford for a garage to repair this car, i have basic motor skills, what doyou recomened i should do? should i just change the head gasket and a second hand head, or should i just change the engine? there may be a chance there has been damage to the botom end of the engine and have concerns its been over heated before by previous owner, this must have been and ongoing problem. which i didnt notice when purchasing the car. and im concerned about how much steam is coming from the car.. any advice would be welcomed thank you