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In Topic: Whistling 1.6Tdci

15 December 2012 - 08:53 PM

Hello, such a coincidence that my 2005 1.6 tdci has developed the exact same problem. There no noticeable drop in performance. I would be very interested in the result.


In Topic: Anyone Changed There Headlights To After Market Ones?

27 November 2012 - 07:22 PM

Mate I know your previously said about the H1/H1 fitments

I should have been more clear. I mean I contacted the seller a few months ago about the fitments lol, long before you posted on the thread. I've been looking at these headlight units for a fair while now with the intention of getting em but other mods keep coming up first

I took these pictures quickly so they are not the best of quality, But i hope these help. ill get round to the day light ones later.


P.s Sorry to disappoint about the lack of blond in the photo, Unless a golden retriever counts. :P

In Topic: Anyone Changed There Headlights To After Market Ones?

27 November 2012 - 08:57 AM

I know mate, I wasn't expecting em to come with bulbs. So I contacted the seller asking the bulb fitments, hoping they would be the same as standard so I could just swap over my osram h7 and h1's, only to find out that theres only h1 and no h7.

How do you find they look with the indicators being on the inner corners? Does it look strange or do you get used to it?

If it's not too much trouble, or if you get time, could you possibly take a few detailed photos for me?

If you could take a day light shot with no lights on, so I can see what the black of the headlights look like?

And then if you get time, take a few night shots when it's completely dark, with the dipped/main beams on

If you could do that for me it would be great


I did say in previous post that the fitment was H1/H1. Annoying as i has a set of Osrams Night breakers ready from my stock headlights. Also ask the seller if it comes with a wiring kit to making the l.e.ds turn when you start the car.

It never really crossed my mind about the indicators being on the inside, Does not really bother me. They work very well tho.

Ill get some pictures when i get the car cleaned up. Probs when i fit mud flaps on but due to the weather at the moment it wont be soon. Times i wish i had a garage.


And one of you looking over your shoulder and licking your lips? :P

Sorry, too much sangria and not enough food.

Ha ha, not to sure bout that request. But ill try and get a hot blond to pose in the photo if you want? :lol:

In Topic: Anyone Changed There Headlights To After Market Ones?

25 November 2012 - 08:57 AM

I really appreciate that reply mate, think you may just convinced me so I'll almost definitely get them at some point and I'll be swapping the bulbs for osrams.

I just really don't get why they go to the effort of making a nice looking premium fancy head light unit and charging a premium price, to only go and ruin them by providing the crappiest bulbs going knowing you'll just have to replace them.

Going by the photos, am I right in saying the indicators appear to be on the inner corners of the head light units as apposed to the outside edges like standard headlights?

Yes the indicators are on the inside. I agree on what you say on the price.. but companies know that people with a passion for cars (the lot of us) will still pay out regardless of the bulb or not. But saying that i was surprised they came with any in the first place.


In Topic: Anyone Changed There Headlights To After Market Ones?

24 November 2012 - 11:06 PM

Thanks for the photos

I must say I really don't like the colour of the light emitted, really ruins it.

I also really don't like what you say about the reach of the beam being less than the stock headlights.

They might look pretty, but sacrificing the quality of the light just to have them look pretty seems really stupid. I do a lot of night driving on unlit motorways so I need a good strong beam of light so I can see where I'm going. Doesn't matter if the full beams are good, as I can rarely legally drive with the full beams on as I'll just be blinding cars on the other side of the road and forever be flashed by oncoming cars if I needed the full beams on just to get some decent light.

Also, what you say about how easy it is to just swap them back over for the stock headlight units, yes it's easy, but it really defeats the point of buying the fancy new headlights, if your just gonna have to revert back to stock cause you can't see where your going.

So when you say about the compromise very small, I actually find it a very big compromise, as actually being able to see where your going is just as important as having decent tread on your tyres.

Don't mean to sound like I'm knocking you or anything though, I'm still really tempted by them and most likely will get them, but only if I can swap the bulbs for my own.

I understand what you are saying here but firstly: i did not say that the beam of light was poor due to the actual head light, all i said was that the beam of light has a "little" less further reach. But a more defined edge. I clearly stated that I was just used to the light of a higher quality bulb on my old car and im waiting till xmas to upgrade them.

Secondly: I did not suggest at all that go driving around with the full beam on like a idiot, all i was saying was that the light of the full beam emitted was great and very clear.

Lastly the compromise: All i was stating was that the compromise was minimal due to the fact that you can upgrade the bulb anyways and also i they do not work in the long run, it is not a big job to change them back to stocks. Not like changing coil-overs and finding the ride is to harsh.

I to think that a clear and high quality light is highly important when driving at night, thats why on of the first things i do when i buy a car is change the bulbs. As i said before, i did not buy these headlamps myself they were bought for me as a present. Im personally not bothered about having different head lamps. If i had i my way i would keep the stocks in and upgrade the bulb.

I was just trying to give my honest view (that fact i actually own them and use them everyday) on the head lamps and what to look out for. Either way i still highly recommend them as that look great and work well.

So to make it simple:

Pros: Look great, well built, easy to fit and changeable bulb.
Cons: Stock bulbs are rubbish (change them immediately)

Im not knocking you or anything either , im following your progress and its a very informative post you have. Thumbs up.