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Need Help With My Fiesta Mk7 Titanium Modifications

19 November 2012 - 09:38 PM

Hi guys! :D

I'm new to the forum. Just registered today :D

I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta Titanium 3dr.

I just found out that my country doesn't offer the Zetec or Zetec S. So i'm stuck with the titanium....

I need help regarding some mods I wanna do to the car.

I'm thinking of adding Xenon lights to my car along with a strip of LED's on each headlamp to make the DRL effect.

I was wondering whether or not replacing the stock OEM lights with aftermarket xenon kits would void my car's headlamp warranty etc.

I saw a pic of a Fez with xenons and DRL lights and it looks amazing! I wanna do something like that with mine. (See attached pic)

I've just got the roof of my Fez done in matte black this weekend using Hexis vinyl. Overall it turned out quite nice.

Most of the "modifications" to the Fiesta have been done by myself except for the roof.

So far: This is what it has:
  • Original Ford Fiesta Titanium rims done in matte black
  • Lower part of front bumper in matte black
  • Side mirrors in matte black
  • Petrol cap in matte black
  • Boot piece in matte black with blacked out "Fiesta" emblem
  • Side skirts in matte black.
I'm waiting for my Laminx Gunsmoke film to arrive so I can do the front and back lights.

I saw this picture in the forums of a Fiesta with a RS style exhaust system. I want to get something like this done and I was wondering if modifying the vehicle's exhaust system would void the car's warranty.

I think the twin exhaust look in the Fiesta looks really, really good. I really like it. Do you guys think that they could just cut holes in my current rear defuser?
Instead of changing for a whole new different one.

Thanks a lot guys!!

Appreciate it.