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Handbrake warning light?!?

01 February 2009 - 08:06 PM

Hi there people, am hoping someone out there has a much larger knoledge than me when it comes to problems and things!

Basiclly i bought a fiesta from a dealer about 6 months ago, x reg 60k on the clock, and is the 1.3 engine. Has been fine since i had it, but recently ive noticed that when i slow from say 4th gear to 2nd gear i get the handbrake light come on??? or also if im in traffic and crawling it will come on until i stop competely and put the handbrake on then take it off again. ive had it looked over at local garage and all fluid levels brake pads are fine, so im sort of stuck. . .

Any one with any help is much appreciated!

cheers james