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In Topic: High Fuel Consuption On Mk4 1.8 Tdci

22 January 2014 - 04:21 PM

I dont tend to use one filling station it all depends where i am at the time shell, tesco, morisons. I have spoken to a friend who runs a garage and he says it should be better then that and that it could be a sticking egr valve or a faulty sensor. I am taking it into him tomorrow morning to put on the computer to read its diagnostics and live data. Hopefully it will through something into the mix. I have also spoken to a man that does the school runs at my daughters school who has the same car same engine and his never even leaves the town we live in and he is getting around 530 miles from his which works out at about 34 mpg which is alot more like i would have thought it would be. I will keep you posted if something shows its head. Many thanks for the replies