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#409696 1994 Mondeo Finally Put To Rest, How Similar Are 2004 Models ?

Posted by cragger89 on 14 September 2014 - 08:08 PM

Replacing the stereo is straight forward, just order the correct fascia kit, wiring loom and tools to remove the old one. I'm leaving the 6 CD Sony unit in mine as it has an aux input in the glovebox anyway.


Never driven an X-Type but I have a friend who drives an S type and his Dad has driven Jags for a few years before as well and both have no complaints. I believe they are underneath the stuff we actually see, a Mondeo. I guess it'd be like an ST Mondeo but with a LOT more luxury in it.

#409487 1994 Mondeo Finally Put To Rest, How Similar Are 2004 Models ?

Posted by cragger89 on 14 September 2014 - 10:11 AM

A link to guide you on how to remove them: http://www.talkford....-flaps-removal/


The way my simpleton mind has understood it, the flaps are there for the same reasons as they are on the BMW and Vauxhall engines which also have them. When working correctly, they direct air "better" which aids with emissions and economy. The problem is, even on the "revised" mechanism which I believe was seen on the facelift models, they still wear out and rattle and eventually can just fall in to the block.


I rang a garage asking if they would do the work outlined in that guide but said "No it won't work as it revs too high when they aren't there, we'd need to fit a new manifold for you" - they're lying and just didn't want to do it. Once I've plucked up the courage I'm going to do it myself next week - I've bought mine to save £220 a month on owning a newer car, so losing a tiny bit of MPG vs having to replace an engine is definitely the wisest thing to do in my opinion.

#408844 1994 Mondeo Finally Put To Rest, How Similar Are 2004 Models ?

Posted by cragger89 on 12 September 2014 - 08:11 AM

This is just a passage based on taste, but I would probably go for the Ghia because I simply am a gadget lover. If the LX is a face lift, you may find it has the extra toys you prefer as standard.


It'd be more sensible to go and view them both, listen to them from startup cold. My one needs the swirl flaps (not sure if that is the official label for them) either removing or changing as it sounds a bit like the old overhead cam engines (or a sewing machine!) due to them wearing out. What i've done to prevent them disintegrating totally and ruining the engine is just disable them by disconnecting the air pipe that operates them and sealing it until I can get to my mechanic friend to have them removed. Once disabled, they are locked in the "open" position, but most importantly, won't be flapping around causing more wear. It just gives you more confidence to drive it around until it can be sorted.


If one of them has the noise and one doesn't, go for the one that doesn't. There is a lot of information on them, but in a nut shell, it is a bit of work you can do yourself and the engines run perfectly fine with the flaps removed.


Other rules apply as well obviously, check A/C works, listen for knocks when cold. :)

#408754 1994 Mondeo Finally Put To Rest, How Similar Are 2004 Models ?

Posted by cragger89 on 11 September 2014 - 09:40 PM

Hi mate,


I'm not as tall, but I did used to have a 60 plate focus and I required the seat to be as far back as it'd go.


I now have a 56 plate Mondeo (same model as you're looking at) and have noticed the seat goes back a lot further. I used to have a Mk1 focus which I had to have the seat all the way back on, too.


I think you'd be safe, but find one and sit in it to be sure.

#408046 What Have You Done To Your Mondeo Today?

Posted by cragger89 on 10 September 2014 - 10:47 AM

Discovered that the 56 plate Ghia I picked up yesterday has electronically folding mirrors and an electric mechanism for adjusting the drivers seat height!


Like it when my new toys have gadgets I wasn't expecting!

#219812 Focus Zetec S Kit Fitted

Posted by cragger89 on 05 December 2012 - 02:34 PM

Resurrecting due to a bit of stalking caused by boredom at work - very, very tempted by this.

The difference isn't subtle at all, is it?