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Mk3 Facelift 2.0L Petrol: Air Conditioning Troubleshooting.

11 September 2014 - 07:26 PM



Have had my new car regassed by ATS whom did not charge me as the system didn't work afterwards.


I've done some reading up but have failed to find images of what I am actually looking for.


The system was pressure tested and no leaks have been found, when pressing the button to turn on the A/C, the compressor does not kick in, neither does the cooling fan. 


I have read mention of a low pressure switch which if you "short" or bypass, will engage the clutch and the fan. Can anyone explain me in simpleton terms (assuming that I know the dangers of electricity and how to work safely with it) where the connectors are for this so that I can at least test it? I'm not sure what my next step would be, but I am quietly hoping I will do this, the new gas and oil will circulate around the A/C system and work properly thereafter, but I'm not going to get my hopes up!


I have checked the A/C fuse in the central fuse box and diode in the auxiliary fuse box and both appear to be OK, but any tests which are more in depth are welcomed!


I know where to locate the low pressure point as I was looking at it earlier this morning (drivers side wheel arch.)


I know that the cooling fan does work as I heard it earlier after a spirited drive when I got back to the house. 


Any advice is appreciated.

New Owner: 56 Plate Mk 3 2.0L Ghia

10 September 2014 - 10:44 AM



Joined originally in 2012 because I became the proud owner of a Mk 2.5 Zetec Sport Focus. I lost my job last month, so decided to avoid anything sinister happening with the finances, to do a voluntary termination on the finance deal as last time I was out of work, I was signing on for a good 4 months and I just don't have the affordability there. Twinned with that, I suffer badly with anxiety/depression which could make the job search take a lot longer, so the focus is going back and I picked up a "banger" yesterday in the form of a 56 plate, 2l petrol Mondeo Ghia. I paid £1400 for it so I own it outright and feel a LOT more comfortable having done so. I did see a few for closer to 800, but they had hardly any gadgets and were a lot older.


I love it so far, have done a few hundred miles and love the extra comfort features it has over the newer focus.


It's done 125k miles which is fairly high, but I opted to deliberately look for a higher mileage example simply because of the problems I've had with cars at 80k miles where they have needed lots replacing on them within a few days of me driving home in it. Obviously, I'm not naive and expect that the Mondeo will need some work doing to it at some point because it is old, even the 60 plate focus needed 800 dropping on it at the MOT this year.


I always do regular services on my motors, but thought I'd ask if there is anything you guys would suggest to look out for/expect? The air conditioning needs at least regassing, but as it is cold at the moment I'm not worried about that for now. The oil looks nice and clean but I'm probably going to book it in for a service anyway just so I know it is done.


Any pointers would be appreciated fellas, look forwad to treading the responses.

Ls Rns Sat Nav Head Unit Connections

07 May 2014 - 01:11 PM

First post in quite a while, apologies for this, gents!


Having had the car for a year, I am satisfied I'll be keeping it long term. Therefore, I wish to improve the audio a bit.


I don't want to spend much, I already have a Sony amplifier with built in crossover which will power both a subwoofer and the door speakers in the front. It does have high level inputs, but I would prefer to use pre outputs, if possible.


From looking at this wiring diagram...




It would seem that the headunit's FAKRA set of connection pins has a monaural subwoofer output, using pins 4 and 10 of the C bank of pins. Can anyone confirm that this output does work? I am aware that there is no built in crossover or level attenuation for a subwoofer channel from looking at the setup menus, but having an unamplified output will be far easier for me to work with rather than having to splice into the speaker wires.


Of course, the other option is to buy the hardware to fit an after market stereo, but I enjoy having the (albeit, outdated) satnav built into the car, the bluetooth always works well too, so I see little point in changing it.


The end result is simply to have the front doors externally amplified and have a subwoofer (whether it be the big box one currently sitting in my loft, or 2 small under the seat cabinets to save space) - this will mean if I do decide to upgrade my door speakers, I can get some nice ones without worrying about them being damaged through clipping.