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Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

18 March 2015 - 10:38 AM



We're looking at adopting a greyhound; discussions about doing it are now onto the feasibility of transport. I have a 2011 Mk7 Fiesta S1600, my missus has a 2015 new generation Hyundai i10. I'm not in a position to swap my car and frankly don't want to!


Has anyone got any direct experience with trying to fit a greyhound or other sighthound(but not a whippet) in the boot of a Fiesta with seats up or down (prefereably up) I'm reluctant to try the back seats as I think it seems dangerous and may mark the leather.


Greyhounds are generally good travelers (I'm told) and apparently settle quite quickly. they're bigger than you imagine though, but whilst they're big they can and do curl up.


I gaze in my boot a lot at the moment pondering if it will work out or not; my instinct says no, but I can't help but think that it might. Transport would not be a regular thing; just infrequent trips back home and to the vets etc.


If anyone has any experience of other large breeds let me know! pictures would be fantastic.

This is the nearest I can find! http://www.fordparts...g/1713210/2.jpg