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#258733 Focus Tdci Nothing Happens When Turning Key

Posted by Phili Smith on 08 May 2013 - 11:20 PM

Need more info

The light you refer to is your immobiliser system kicking in could be a few reasons, as Kev says it could be a broken earth or it could be down to a faulty immobiliser chip in your key, (try driving with the spare) alternately it could be down to your battery dying (a silver calcide battery dies very strangely, it will work for a few hours, days or weeks then decide to stop) get a drop test done on it, answer is yes/no fine/faulty (need new battery) Buy a decent one but be warned you will be lucky to get 6 years from a silver calcide battery (and your car will NOT work with anything else) The other thing to look at would be your fuel pump but this is unlikely as it would not (normally) trigger your immobiliser circuit.




#257096 New To The Forum And Focus's

Posted by Phili Smith on 01 May 2013 - 11:39 PM

My first car was a Cortina (Mk2) unfortunately my brother wrote that one off, he bought me a Vauxhall Victor to replace it (looked great, handled like a tank) for that I will never forgive him!! loads of cars since including Mk1 Escort Mexicos, lots of Mk 2 Escorts, Mk3, 4 and 5 Cortinas, a few Sierras and one or two divergences from ford (all but one I regret, until recently I owned a classic VW Polo, I liked that one and if ever I find the :censored: that tried to steal it and took it off the road I will kill him) however I am back in the fold and now drive a Focus estate! she has done her share of miles 314,000 of them to be honest but get up and go she does!