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In Topic: Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

I was going to mention the tyre sizes in the brochure too, but personally I'd go for something like 15" rims and tyres that are even narrower like 175, for better grip in the snow.



Ahh lol come up here where I work was about 7 inch deep and where I live is 3-4inch atm but all frozen! Was wondering because I was told that winter tyres cause more traction for dry roads too so mpg goes down or is that only some tyres?


I wouldn't be surprised if MPG goes down a bit, just because the winter tyres will stay soft at colder temperatures and will have more grip, and more rolling resistance too. But it probably wouldn't be a noticeable drop in MPG.

In Topic: 999 Tips And Advice Everyone Should Read...

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

Yeah at least with Ford Emergency Assist we're all covered for the most likely reason that we would need an ambulance.

In Topic: Bad Condensation In 1 Headlamp ?

Yesterday, 08:44 AM

hi phil im thinking as there is moisture in the unit and they are basically an open unsealed unit,if you take the units off the car dry them for say 24 hours in doors airing cupboard or such,then fit them back on the car with the bulbs in then there should be nor more issues ??

if you think about it ,if the units are opened for bulb fitting or anything even when they was made and the air was humid then the lamps could/will have moisture trapped inside.

in theory if you leave the rubber caps off after a while the moisture should dry out.


I tried bringing them inside for a day with the caps off, didn't put them in the airing cupboard though and it didn't really make a difference. Maybe with this dry winter air I could try and take the caps off for a few hours and see if that helps to let some of the moisture out.

In Topic: Cameras

Yesterday, 08:40 AM

Have a look at this for an entry level CCTV camera:




I have that and it basically works out of the box, comes with a unique internet address so you can check on your home / car from anywhere with internet access. It can also record to a network hard drive or something similar but I haven't tried that, and can record when it detects movement. It proved very useful when I was away for 2 weeks around Christmas, I kept checking it each morning to make sure nobody had broken into my flat lol.

In Topic: Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

Yesterday, 08:35 AM

I didn't bother getting any, maybe next year though. I'll be tempted to do it properly and get some alloys which are narrower than standard, specifically for winter tyres, and some good mud flaps too if I don't have to drill holes in the car to fit them lol.