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In Topic: Malton Meet - October 2015

Today, 08:50 AM

Just a few days left now :). I thought it would be a good idea if everyone still planning to go could reply here so we know who we'll be meeting on the way.


The Facebook page says it starts at 8:30am, so if we want to arrive at that time then Google says we need to be leaving Sainsburys at 7:40 (or earlier if we want to get there before the show starts). Does anyone know if they let people in early, and around what time will everyone want to leave at the end? (it apparently ends at 12:30)

In Topic: Water Puddle Under Engine Is This Just From The Air Con?

Today, 08:34 AM

Hi and welcome :). If I were you I would be going to the dealer, even if it's just so they can check that it's ok for your peace of mind. Any problem like that would be covered by the warranty. You could try not using the air con for a few days and see if the leak stops - you don't really need the air con in this weather anyway but it's best to run it for at least 10 minutes once a week to protect the components.

In Topic: Fiesta Lowering

Today, 08:31 AM

I think the ZS is 15mm lower than standard which is also true for the ST, but I wouldn't say that was "way lower". Maybe you saw a ZS that was lowered further, say about 35mm which is what most people recommend.

In Topic: Speed Cameras On Overhead Signs

Today, 08:20 AM

I always assume that these things will catch you out, but I don't speed anyway so not really an issue for me.



If you pass 2 cameras and they calculate that you took less time to do so than if you were at the posted speed you will get a ticket.


So does that mean they check your speed at the point you go past and also your average speed between them? I wonder what happens if they speed limit changes, surely they couldn't expect you to lower your average speed until you get to the next gantry. There must be some compex software behind these things.



Not exactly, it's usually 10% to allow for inaccuracies in the calibration of car speedos.


And with most speedos over-reading anyway, you would have to be a bit silly to be caught out by these cameras anyway. If it's the usual "10% + 2" rule, then I'd have to be doing 85 by my speedo to get a ticket when it's a 70 limit.

In Topic: Getting Married In 12 Days!

Today, 08:11 AM

Congrats :). And I would also be nervous about making a speech, but as others have said there will be many beers before that lol, so you should be ok.