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In Topic: Car Conundrums!

Today, 10:18 AM

Cams or variable cam timing (that's relatively recent isn't it)?


It kind of serves something that should be shiny i.e. the inside of the cylinders / pistons. Makes the valve openings bigger when they need to be, well that's as far as my limited logic will take me :P

In Topic: Yorkshire Dales Blast - Buttertubs Pass - Anyone Fancy This?

Today, 08:32 AM

We'd need a laptop to do the transfer, so it would probably be easier if you just bring a laptop if you have one. It could take a while to transfer all the footage though, it will probably be around 30GB.

In Topic: My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

Today, 08:28 AM

Yep, the headlights were misted up when it arrived. she said it might be because of the jet wash she just ran it through but I'm not convinced, especially coming from the woman who described what were quite clearly and blatantly scratches as 'not scratches.' OK.


It's reassuring to know that new cars have the condensation problem too, I thought I'd caused it myself by changing the bulbs.



Mine were the same when I picked it up. Next time I checked they were all clear and not seen it since


I think it depends where you are or what the temperature is outside. I notice it more often at my parents' than I do at home. Do you keep yours in a garage? I don't but I heard that can help.

In Topic: Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

Well on way home the other day and spotted this and ma mate took this video lol 
A Vauxhall exhaust is hitting the ground and sparks are everywhere lol! 





I appreciate that you're trying to get a decent video, only thing I'd say is that getting that close might not have been so wise if the damn thing came off!!


Exactly what I was thinking lol, if it was me I'd give about a 4 second gap :P

In Topic: My Fiesta Mk7 St3 Panther Black

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Looks good, and those HIDs really show how yellow the standard bulbs are, even the DRLs lol.