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In Topic: Mk7.5 Bulb Help

Today, 07:29 AM

Yes they pull straight out but can be quite stiff. It's best to let them cool down for a while first because they get very hot, but apart from that there's no problem pulling them out when they're on.

In Topic: Newbie Alert , Help !!

Today, 07:27 AM

You can get (legal) blue-tinted headlights - and better / brighter headlight bulbs, make sure they are legal,


I didn't know there were any road legal bulbs that were blue tinted or even white, except factory fitted xenons. I went for Philips CrystalVision for dipped beam, which technically aren't road legal, I assume because the colour temperature is slightly too high. But these are white, not blue at all.

In Topic: Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Yesterday, 09:32 PM

Here's another random vid, an Astra with a shockingly bad body kit, and a shockingly bad driver to go with it :P


In Topic: Ford Fiesta Clutch And Gear Problems

Yesterday, 06:51 PM

My ST is sometimes reluctant to go into 1st sometimes aswell.


Maybe it's a flaw in the design of the gearbox, but it didn't happen until the car was a couple months old I think. It happens very rarely though, but if it gets worse I might take it to Ford and see what they think.

In Topic: Ford Fiesta Clutch And Gear Problems

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

I wondered, is the clutch in a ST similar?


I've not had any problems with the ST clutch or gearbox, except it sometimes seems a bit reluctant to go into first, although putting it in neutral and back again solves it. No weird smells either, even when reversing up a steep drive, where I'd have it at about 1500 rpm slowly reversing for over 5 seconds.