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In Topic: Halogen Bulbs For St

Today, 12:18 PM

Phil these bulbs are excellent, still road legal, still yellow colour so match the DRL's but they are very bright , so a great upgrade! :)

and yeah straight swap


When you say yellow, do you mean the same yellow as the DRLs? I've seen that the DRLs look slightly yellow when compared to HIDs but I'd be happy with that colour if they match, considering the standard bulbs look very yellow compared to the DRLs.


And how easy are they to fit, do you have to take out the whole headlight? I think the driver's side one might have enough of a gap to swap it without taking the whole unit out.


Edit: on ebay it says these bulbs are "up to 4000K", does anyone know what colour temp the DRLs are meant to be?

In Topic: Halogen Bulbs For St

Today, 12:10 PM

I think I've found some bulbs I might try which are actually road legal (or so they say). Would these be ok?:




Am I right in thinking these can just be swapped in, and would the colour temp be about the same as the DRLs?

In Topic: Mk 7 Zetec S Insurance Question

Today, 08:25 AM

On the comparison sites I have to check the mod's to add the exhaust etc and on each of them there it has other items listed such as 'Alloy Wheels (optional extra)'. I don't know if its just a ploy to fleece those who aren't savvy enough to question it.


I just had a look on confused.com and I think I understand it now, they make it more confusing than it needs to be. You have to answer yes or no to "Does the car have any modifications?" and when you click the question mark the description is:


"Modifications are non-standard changes made to the car after manufacture, such as new spoilers, alloy wheels, exhaust pipes, changes to the engine capacity etc."


Based on that description, you don't have to declare optional extras that were fitted to the car at the factory, including a body kit if it wasn't standard, or different alloys. There is option for "Bodykit (optional extra)", so this would be when you have had the Ford body kit fitted afterwards, as opposed to "Bodykit (non standard)" which would be an after-market body kit. That's the way I understand it anyway.

In Topic: Mk 7 Zetec S Insurance Question

Today, 07:49 AM

Well as an insurance broker with 35 years experience I would like to think I know but it's up to you of course.


I think I'll side with the expert on this one :). I always assumed that you state the car you have and its approximate value. Factory fitted options are not modifications, and I don't remember ever seeing anything on insurance sites about declaring options, it's only ever modifications that you declare from what I've seen.

In Topic: Do I Need To Set The Clock Manually?

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

Anyone know if there's a setting for the time zone?


I answered my own question, there is a time zone setting and it was set to the German time zone, silly Ford.