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In Topic: Mountune

Yesterday, 05:40 PM

To be fair £1395 isn't too bad, just cos you can say that you have a 1.0L car with 165 bhp lol. It's a shame it doesn't come with an upgraded exhaust though.

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Yesterday, 10:46 AM

Fiesta ST3 with MP215 upgrade, and hopefully soon will have the new Mountune exhaust :)

In Topic: Mountune

Yesterday, 10:41 AM

Would a st rear bumper and front with diffuser fit another fiesta? Love turn my zetec into a st rep just out the outside


Yes as far as I know the ST bumpers will fit any MK7.5 Fiesta.

In Topic: Mountune

25 March 2015 - 09:31 PM

You get loyalty points with Mountune £450 on the exhaust is £20ish,

If you only need the Mtune postage is only going be a few quid, also they might have offers over Easter like last year.

Unless it's a pro dealer (Dinnages isn't) they might not be able to order anything other than MP kits as they will have ford part numbers.


Mine isn't a pro dealer either, but if I'm getting the exhaust I'll probably get them to fit it for me anyway.

In Topic: Clarkson In Trouble Again - RIP Top Gear

25 March 2015 - 09:21 PM

In my opinion TopGear was Jeremy Clarkson,
Those guys played a part but back in 90's it was Jeremy Clarkson theres no show without him,
The guys just dont have his natural tallent and way with words,
Im genuinly gutted to hear todays news,

Can imagine getting in to taxi some night and ow Jeremy is this your new job then ?


I agree that Clarkson was the best thing about the show, but I think it was the banter between all three of them that made it great. Especially on all the random car challenges, deliberately driving into eachother and leaving any presenter behind when they break down lol.


Here's a good video that I think sums it up: