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In Topic: St-2 First Service

Today, 08:27 PM

My titanium got its first service today. 10,500 miles. Still got 5mm on each front and 6mm on rears.


My mileage is about 10,600 but I've used a lot more rubber. I'll get them to measure the tread for me and decide whether to wait before having the new tyres fitted, could get a few more weeks out of these.

In Topic: Private Number Plates

Today, 05:36 PM

people with private plates or standard have you're put your plte in with double sided tape ir screws? don't know which one to use


I replaced my plates just to get rid of the dealer advertising from them, and just used screws with the plastic covers to hide them. Sticking them on might look better but they could be ripped off by some inconsiderate person.

In Topic: St-2 First Service

Today, 05:02 PM

So the service is happening on Thursday, and I just had a look at the air filter to see if it wants cleaning, but it still looks like new lol. That's after 8 months and just over 6000 miles, so needless to say I'm impressed with the K&N filter, I think it could probably go for a couple more years before it needs cleaning :)

In Topic: Map Update

Today, 04:49 PM

That's some useful info Jamie, and I think the most important thing is not to change anything on the original card in case it goes wrong and can't be fixed. Although I wonder what Ford's policy would be if someone loses the SD card, it's easily done and would be unfair of them to charge full price for a replacement.

In Topic: Map Update

Today, 02:16 PM

I'm going to guess mine has the same files as yours but I'll have a look. What I'd like to know is, is there any copy protection on it or can the files be copied to another SD card and used in another car with the same version of Sync?