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#431387 Headlights Not Far Enough!

Posted by Phil 87 on Yesterday, 02:48 PM

Yes the Night Breakers are great for full beam, big improvement over standard. I also got them for the fogs. It doesn't matter that they are a bit yellow because they aren't used often, but that's why I wouldn't like them for dipped beam.

#431260 Headlights Not Far Enough!

Posted by Phil 87 on Yesterday, 09:04 AM

I've complained about this before, as far as I can tell it's how the headlights are designed. Even set to zero (the highest angle for the lights) the dipped beam seems "too dipped". It was the same on the MK7, and I mentioned it to a dealer who checked it and said they were set up correctly. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?


If the angle of the light really was too low they wouldn't pass an MOT I think, so it's probably something we just have to put up with. That said it is quite bad that you can't see very far ahead. On unlit roads at night I don't like going more than about 50 unless I can use my full beam, because I just can't see far enough ahead. I didn't have that problem with my old MK6, but as I said it seems to be just the way the cars are designed. Maybe it's safer overall because you're less likely to dazzle other drivers.

#431255 Incompetent Uk

Posted by Phil 87 on Yesterday, 08:42 AM

Sadly too accurate!


We just dont know as a country how to deal with weather as it doesnt come along often enough to get used to it.


Exactly, and it's just too expensive to be fully prepared like the countries that deal with heavy snow every winter.



heres an exciting thing about a company in sligo or mayo that makes gritting trucks with plows on the front of them guess what there all exported so when the snow comes here we have just the regular gritters with no plow on the front so the farmers in local areas use there tractors to plow the streets  


We should use Top Gear's idea and fit snow ploughs to combine harvesters, and a flamethrower of course to melt the ice lol.

#430450 My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

Posted by Phil 87 on 22 November 2014 - 08:34 AM

I'll even be wearing my P plates for the first month or so :)


I wonder how other drivers will react to that, most people ignore P plates I think, and on a hot hatch they might think it's actually a joke lol. I wouldn't bother with them, if you have to drive carefully and occasionally hold people up, it doesn't really matter. Let them get annoyed with you if they want, it's not your problem.

#430446 Smartery Madness, A Bit Long, Best Not To Bother Reading.

Posted by Phil 87 on 22 November 2014 - 08:26 AM

Got to agree with winemart2 about all the un-needed gadgets on cars today. I would would have bought a lower spec motor but no one makes basic cars today. Maybe i should have got a horse and cart :lol:


I can see where you've coming from, but I find a lot of the gadgets useful, especially the automatic things like wipers. I was driving somewhere I hadn't been before yesterday in the dark and heavy rain, and heavy traffic, and didn't have to touch any controls just let the car do its thing so I could focus on driving.


I really need an automatic sense of direction though cos I still ended up going back up the motorway I came from and had to turn round at the next junction lol.

#429994 Nearly Sideswiped!

Posted by Phil 87 on 20 November 2014 - 04:03 PM

Does the dash cam come with a curse bleeper? Haha


You could use the horn for that ;)

#429261 Questions For You Mk7 St Owners!

Posted by Phil 87 on 17 November 2014 - 10:51 PM

As others have said really. Build quality is good not great, ride is hard but I've never found it uncomfortable, a couple of rattles but nothing too bad (one of them fixed at the dealer). Once you test drive one you'll want it, you can't put a price on how this car makes you feel. I've had mine nearly 7 months and it still puts a smile on my face whenever I get in it :)


I've averaged about 37 mpg since I got the car, but had up to 48 on a long motorway trip. Can't complain about that considering the performance.

#429236 Rs Tuning Leeds-Dyno Run-Anyone Interested In A Group Buy?

Posted by Phil 87 on 17 November 2014 - 10:10 PM

Phil my thoughts exactly will be interesting to see especially as Nathan had hos stock done recently and it recorded 211bhp.


The only problem is if that was on a different dyno we could get different numbers, plus I heard the temperature makes a difference. But that's one good thing about several of us going at once, we can compare our results accurately.

#428365 4Ord 4Cus Mk1 2003 Mods

Posted by Phil 87 on 14 November 2014 - 11:38 AM

Sorry to hear it matey, I would be tempted to still remove the alloys at least and replace them with scrappers


I agree, unless they're really strict about that sort of thing, I don't know. You'd think it would make more sense to let you take off any parts you can sell, reusing is always better than recycling.

#428357 Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Posted by Phil 87 on 14 November 2014 - 11:05 AM

Thing is women and cars are just about the same you will have problems with both of them but at the end of the day the car still won't answer you back making it a safer bet.


For some reason that reminded me of this:



He could have said the same things about a car lol.

#428204 Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Posted by Phil 87 on 13 November 2014 - 08:11 PM

Why does it have to be 6 months away?  -_-

#427406 Yorkshire Dales Blast - Buttertubs Pass - Anyone Fancy This?

Posted by Phil 87 on 11 November 2014 - 08:43 AM

29th also good for me as I'm in Florida I may have to wait for pay day also the this holiday is going :) but I'm in just let me know


Yes I bet some of us will need to wait for pay day, might need to put about £60 worth of V-Power in for this ;)

#427404 4Ord 4Cus Mk1 2003 Mods

Posted by Phil 87 on 11 November 2014 - 08:40 AM

I think I'll look for another mk1 focus 2.0 litre either petrol orr diesel till I get a bit more money sorted


Sounds like a plan. It's a shame that you lose all the mods you worked on, unless the insurance will pay out extra for those?

#427089 My Fiesta St-3 Frozen White

Posted by Phil 87 on 10 November 2014 - 09:19 AM

Factory item is the rattlebox iirc, senses when you want a bit of quiet and kicks in.


Yes, and it detects when the rattle has been "fixed" and then a secondary rattlebox activates somewhere else in the car haha. Such as just behind my right ear, I think that's something to do with the seatbelt which someone else mentioned tends to rattle.

#424826 Mph Per 1000Rpm In 5Th?

Posted by Phil 87 on 02 November 2014 - 11:34 AM

72-3 on Speedo and on satnav it's 70mph Is the m1 flat a take it?


It's pretty flat, probably flatter than Scotland anyway lol.