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07 Ford Focus 1.8 Starting Problem

11 December 2013 - 03:14 PM

Hi I have a 07 1.8  petrol Ford Focus Sport (keyless entry system) and I am having some problems, it has begun to have problems when starting the Engine, sometimes it starts ok and then I can get in it again and it does not want to start  and can take 6 goes to get it going, I have also noticed that sometimes when I do start the Engine it seems low until I give it a few revs. I took it to my local Garage who ran a diagnostic on it but nothing showed, he rang Fords who said there have been a few problems with the1.8 EWngine and it could be a few things such as the Heat sensor and have advised that I take into Ford. Has anyone else come across this or got any pointers that may help ? Thanks.