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In Topic: What Causes Uneven Tyre Wear?

Today, 08:34 PM

Lincolnshire's roads are very much the "right circumstances".  Starting to think I should ditch the Mondeo and get a Land Rover or something a bit more used to the terrain.

In Topic: About To Change An Injector...

Today, 07:54 PM

Does the injector need to be removed to check that or can it be done in situ?


Also, do I need to renew any seals of any kind?

In Topic: Evans Halshaw Guarantee :(

Yesterday, 09:28 PM

I wouldn't buy anything from Evans Halshaw again.  Got my Mondeo from there two years ago.  Two weeks later, discovered the drivers side of the heated screen didn't work.  Took it back and they looked at it and found the wiring was corroded.  They then told me they wouldn't fix it and I would have to go thru my insurance.  When I pointed out that insurance would not cover it as the screen was structurally OK, they promptly suggested I get around that by chucking a brick through it.  :blink:


After I raised strong objections to committing insurance fraud, they then offered to pay the £75 excess if I did it.  They only relented when I asked for my money back (I'd paid cash in full).


And that's to say nothing of the dead radiator fan, knackered rear brake, corroded crankshaft pulley and a bunch of other stuff I missed pre-sale.


Never again.

In Topic: About To Change An Injector...

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

When you say 501, I assume you mean I'm to look for EJDR00501Z injectors, right?

In Topic: Speed Cameras, Some People Deserve A Ticket

Yesterday, 10:22 AM

where i live there was a speed camera facing as as you came round a blind bend - its been change to the newer version and faces the other way but it faces various signs so i'd be surprised if anyone got caught speeding. i have noticed a spare column - they could change the camera whenever they wanted to catch you out....barstewards

If you aren't breaking the law, they won't "catch you out".  Simples.