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Replacing Instrument Cluster - Is Reprogramming Essential?

09 March 2014 - 08:45 PM

Hello, I  have an intermittent ABS warning lamp fault on my Ford Focus 1.6  Edge 2004. 
The ABS module has been taken out and tested and it works. 
I've tested the ABS when driving and it works too. 
The PCB on the back of the instrument cluster has some corrosion and I've followed a very helpful thread I found on cleaning with electrical contact cleaner but to no avail, the warning lamp fault still occurs.
I know its a a dashboard fault that needs the cluster replacing. 
My local ford dealership has quoted me £500 for a cluster and £150 to reprogram it. Its money I don't have at this point in time.
Can I use a second-hand cluster and connect it up without any problems or causing damage?
If I were to retrieve a cluster form a scrap merchant for example and plug it in would I run the risk of causing any damage to the car etc or would it be pot luck if it worked?
When replacing clusters do you need to have one from the same year of car, does it matter if its from a diesel or an automatic etc or a newer model of focus?
I do not need the mileage to stay the same so am not bothered about a change in readings. I just want the fault cleared so it will pass its MOT later in the year.
Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm quite new to car mechanics and am teaching my self as a i go which can be slow at times!