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In Topic: Stranded 2002 Tddi Please Help New Owner

14 December 2012 - 12:47 PM

Hi again

I fitted the egr blanking plate and took the car for a drive around my block. It complete the block 4 times (7minutes) then the miss started again, again stopping the car reving cleanly and producing blue smoke and when I turned it off it refused to start, cranked over but would not fire. Again no warning lights at all and feels mechanical foot on the floor and it fights to rev struggling most between 2-3000 rpm.

Any ideas what I should try next please the brake down man tried 2 diff codes readers but they wouldn't communicate with the car.

Thanks again guys

In Topic: Stranded 2002 Tddi Please Help New Owner

10 December 2012 - 02:29 PM


Got back to the car this morning, turned the key and it fired up first time with no issues or sign of the blue smoke. Dint fancy driving it back in case it threw another fit, so called out a brakedown van to have it recovered, they guy checked the car over and said he couldn;t see anything obvious and that obviously it was running fine now, he like a number of members on here suggested it sounded like an egr valve playing up, so i have ordered the backing plate to block the valve off and fingers crossed this will solve the issue, but ill keep you upto date, thanks for all the help and sugestions so far its much appriciated.


In Topic: Stranded 2002 Tddi Please Help New Owner

08 December 2012 - 07:05 PM

unfortunately returning the car is not an option so going to have to try and get a fix sorted am going to hopefully have it recovered to my house on Monday, ill repost then with a bit more info about its symptoms but a big thanks for the suggestions so far guys.