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New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

09 December 2012 - 09:54 PM

I'm currently driving an Toyota Celica T Sport 190, only had it a month... Bought it as a spur of the moment thing... Realised it's completely impractical. So looking to get a 2008 ST2 or 3 in April (When insurance is up for renewal), so I figured I'd start researching now!

I'm in the army so I do a lot of miles, roughly 150miles from camp to home, And then town driving when I'm there... That's looking to go up soon when I get posted too... Fuel economy is not a big thing for me (obviously otherwise I wouldnt have a Celica lol!) but I don't want to be left to poor! So how bad are the STs for real? I've read book figures etc.. and I know they're trying really hard... I cruise between 80 and 90 so what would I be looking at? Also are they comfy? I should imagine so being a big family car...

How much is the tuning world for Ford? I have an MG too which is really cheap to tune, and then my Celica which is £700 for stage 2 cams! £700 could double/tripple my power output int he MG...

And finally what sort of common faults do they suffer with? My mate has a Astra VXR and his gearbox is on the way out, which is one costly repair... I hope there's nothing that major with the ST?
I've been looking at a few cars in the range of the ST... Mainly Astra VXR, Golf R32, Volvo C30 T5, Audi A3 2.0T S line, Mazda3 MPS, 1 series and the Honda Civic Type R. I would like the ST over the others but would you recommend the same? I know you will be somewhat biased but all I want is honest answers :)

Cheers, Luke

New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

09 December 2012 - 09:43 PM

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