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Rear Brake Pads

18 December 2014 - 10:15 PM

Hi all,


I replaced the rear pads and discs on my focus about 8 months ago. I used genuine Ford discs and Motorcraft pads.


However, although the work perfectly well, the pads throw lots of black dust over the wheels.


It's at the stage that the rear wheels have more brake dust than the front wheels!


As first thought the rear callipers might be sticking on, and have stripped the rear callipers several times, and when it was in for it's MOT I got the garage to test the rear braked on the rollers, and all is well.


So, so you guys have any recommendations for pads that have a low dust?



Engine Malfunction.

23 August 2014 - 07:51 PM

Hi folks,


I had an issue with the car today, and wondering if anyone could give me a clue as to what it might be.


I was driving up the motorway and when accelerating to overtake the 'Engine Malfunction' message came up on the display. I stopped and switched off and the message cleared. I continued and again under acceleration the message came back. I stopped again, and again it cleared.


When I set off this time I could hear a loud whooshing sound, like there is an air leak in a hose somewhere. When I got home I took off all the air intake hoses to and from the turbo expecting to find a split, but nothing.


The car is maybe a bit down on power when this happens, but only a bit, and no other symptoms.


Any idea what it could be? I was thinking maybe a split or leaking intercooler, but it looked ok earlier from a visual inspection.


My car is a 2008 1.8tdci .


Any ideas will be welcome.




Windscreen Leak Experience.

31 May 2014 - 09:29 PM

Just thought I would make other aware of an issue that apparently common to the Focus range.


I have a Mk 2.5 Titanium, and recently when washing it a drip of water has appeared inside the windscreen from under the interior mirror and was running down to the dash. At first it was only when I washed the car, but got worse so even when it rained it would happen.


At first I blamed the aerial on the roof, and I sealed it 3 times, but still it leaked.


The next stage was the carpet on the drivers side started to get damp.


I called Autoglass as the only other place it could leak was the windscreen, who were really unhelpful. They said they could not remove the screen as their sealant was incompatible with all others and I would need to pay for a new screen at a cost of £799 because I have a rain sensor and it's heated. Sod that! I even asked could I take a hammer to it then get then to fit a new one on the insurance? No, because you've made us aware of it now...bunch of w***s!


Next I called National Windscreens, guy was really helpful and he dispatched a technician to remove the screen and refit it for a cost of £75. When the guy arrived, he said he  knew exactly what the problem was. Apparently there is a wire that is connected to the heated screen at the top of the screen in the centre. Through time it "wiggles" about and causes a gap in the sealer and hence the leak. He pealed back the headlining and sealed the gap, all for £40.


So anyone else who has this problem, or maybe just damp carpets in the front should check this, and gibe the helpful guys at National Windscreens a shout.....



Focus Mk 2.5 Rear Brakes.

09 May 2014 - 08:39 PM

Hi Guys,


I have a question about the rear brakes on my Focus that I hope someone can answer.


It's a 2008 Mk 2.5, and I've bought a new set of pads and discs for the rear. the outboard pad has a backing paper on them, so I assume the idea is you remove this and the pad then "sticks" to the calliper?


I would normally coat the back of the pads with a film of copper grease - first time I've ever seen an adhesive on he back!


I assume the calliper must have to be super clean to allow the adhesive to stick to it properly?.





Egr Blanking Plate Recomendations.

02 March 2014 - 02:35 PM

Hi All,


I've taken to bold step (gulp) of deciding to fit an ERG blanking plate to my Focus. It's a 2008 1.8 TDCI. I had it Terracleaned last weekend and find it a whole lot better to drive since, so I'm thinking that a blanking plate will help it stay this way.


I plan to fit a solid plate made from stainless steel after reading various threads on here about it, but I'm wonderng if any of you guys have a recomendation?


There are hundreds avauilable on Ebay, and the more I look the more I'm confused!