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Knocking Sound From Rear When Going Over Any Kind Of Bump

27 July 2013 - 11:57 AM

Hi guys

I have a very annoying problem that no one seems to be able to solve. Whenever I go over a bump, large or small, there is a knocking sound that sounds like it is coming from the rear of the car. I had my mechanic look at it and he thought it might be a loose heat shield. I have checked these and it is not.

I had it looked at by Kwik fit and they relieved me of 70 quid for a rear link of some sort but it was not that.

By the way, the knocking does not happen if I apply the brakes or have the handbrake almost fully up.

My hand brake has been checked and is meant to be fine.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Another problem is a constant whizzing sound whenever I accelarate and the turbo kicks in. The pipes are fine from what I have been told and I have been told the turbo is fine and that some cars are just like that. I do not believe that as it was not making the whizzing sound before.

Please help before I get fleeced!!!!


Has Anyone Fitted These Drls?

27 January 2013 - 11:13 AM

Hi guys

This is my first post. I am thinking of getting these in white. Has anyone fitted these. What do you guys think?