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18 December 2012 - 12:46 PM

...well, I've only gone a bought myself a new Mondeo Ghia X TDCi (130) (6), well new to me anyway. She's on on a 2004 plate with 117k on the clock. In relatively good nick for age with FSH and 3 months warranty, which is a bonus!

Anywho...on a previous post it was mentioned to blank off the EGR valve and I've serched this forum and there's lots of comment on it. So was just wondering if somebody could just clarify the situation for me?
  • is it safe to do, won't break my engine?
  • no imission issues for MOT?
  • is it easy to do for a low level DIY novice?
  • is there a 'how to' guide on this forum?
  • should i do it?

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


Buying A High Mileage Mondeo

11 December 2012 - 09:23 PM

Hi Guys
New to this forum and wanted to ask your advice…
Wanting to buy a second hand Mondeo Ghia X 2004, I’ve seen two that I like…an estate with 140,000 miles and a hatchback with 117,000. The hatchback has got a full service history and the estate has a part service history. I’m ton as I like the look and practicality of the estate but the higher mileage and lack of full service is putting me off slightly but it is £300 cheaper.
Am I worrying over nothing as long as it looks, feels and sounds in good condition?
What should I be looking out for? I’ve heard that the rear bushes/sub frame can be a problem.
Many thanks for any help/advise.