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Heater Problems

10 February 2014 - 03:59 PM



After having my car parked up for 2 month due to a broken wrist i am now back using it, however although the heater is working it only works on full blast which is not only noisy but the car is getting a bit too warm, i had a similar problem i my previous car so think i have an idea of what it is ..... could it be the heater resister under / in the glove box?


all replies greatfully received.


Blown Bulbs & Faulty Wireing?

25 March 2013 - 03:33 PM

got told that my driver side rear light was out so one day tapped it slightly and it came back on, eventually the bulb went and i replaced it, few days later the passenger side front bulb went, replaced that, now the driver side front bulb has gone and both my rear lights are off unless i hit them.


any advice?






25 March 2013 - 09:16 AM

After giving my KA a much needed & long overdue wash on saturday i noticed a patch on rust on the passenger side cose to the door.

I was wondering what if anything i can do with it to stop it getting any worse / spreading.