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Jerking At Low Revs- Plugs? Ht Leads?

21 December 2012 - 08:25 PM

Hi all hoping you can help me out with my 1.4 mk 1, it runs sweet at high revs, rev too low and it jerks. I have taken it to my dad (ex mechanic and mk2 owner) and within 5 mins of a drive round town he has concluded spark plugs or ht leads, a google search has suggested possible coil pack needed.

I am taking it too my dad tomorrow to get it checked over in the light (if it's plugs I will fit platinum, leads are a maintenance item etc)

Anyone any other suggestions of what it could be? Suffered the same thing?

Hi :)

16 December 2012 - 07:54 PM

Hi all my name is Andy (also known on here and twitter as flatapex)

I will hopefully be driving my new focus from friday, it is currently at a local garage/bodyshop sat waiting to be insured/picked up/the last of the purchase paid.

its a y reg focus 1.4 mk1, I come from a family of ford owners, my dad has a classic rochdale gt (1950's kit car with an engine from a ford popular) and a 1.6 focus mk2 and my mum has a fiesta on a 61 plate on motability, fiancee drives a fiat (same as i used to) but has owned a fiesta mk3 and a ka before.