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Focus 1.8Tdci Mis-Fire

28 July 2013 - 07:42 AM


I have a 2009 (last of previous model) 1.8 TDCI Focus. I bought it new and it has 40,000 miles covered.

Driving, usually at a constant speed on the motorway, it can give an instantaneous and quite violent misfire that lasts for a split second. It's as if the engine switched off for 1 millisecond and back on again. Having happened, it might not happen again for the next 60 miles or so. On short journeys about town I never notice it, only always on a motorway journey but not always.

No other symptoms, no lights or codes and no loss of performance.

I have changed the fuel filter a number of times (3 times over the last 12,000 miles) hoping to cure the issue but no good. This is an expensive practice as Fords charge 48 euro for a filter element, i fit it myself.

Have any of you experienced this issue, it's hardly normal behaviour.. is it ?


1.8 Tdci Fuel Filter Seal Advice Please

05 March 2013 - 11:32 PM



I have a 2009 1.8 TDCI Focus. When changing the fuel filter what way should the rubber seal go. Should it be UNDER the filter i.e between the filter housing and the underside of the lip at the top of the filter element or OVER the filter i.e between the screw on housing cap and the top lip of the filter element?

1.8 Tdci Euro 4 Egr Blanking Plate Good Or Bad?

03 February 2013 - 09:31 AM


I've fitted a blanking plate (not really 'blanking' as it is the one with a 10mm hole in it) to my 2009 Focus 1.8 TDCI.

I can't say I've noticed any effects - good or bad but I'm a bit nervous about it. Am I in the long term doing more bad than good for the engine?

What has been your experience? Have you fitted this plate and if so have there been any bad effects and if so what were they and after what mileage?

I get nervous when I read this: http://www.wynnoil.c...atured-egr3.htm

Is there any good guide, with photos, on cleaning the manifold and egr on this car. The plate is fitted at the point where the pipe from the cooler attaches to the inlet manifold/EGR system (see attached photo). Would there be any merit in spraying EGR cleaner in here and letting it have a good soak occassionally? Does this get at the part of the valve that sticks?



Egr Valve Cleaners

16 December 2012 - 06:40 PM


I have a can of Wynn's EGR valve cleaner for diesel engines. I have been reluctant to use it on my 1.8 tdci focus (2009 reg) as I'm not sure if it will do more harm than good.

Any crud that is loosened will be drawn into the cylinders to combust. Can that be harmful? Has anyone used such a product and would you recommend using same.

I'm hoping for a positive response as the EGR on this model is part of the intake manifold and not the easiest to remove and clean.


Focus 1.8 Tdci Misfire

16 December 2012 - 09:13 AM


I have a 2009 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI with 38,000 miles covered.

3,000 miles ago, at motorway speed of 70mph and having covered 60 miles, a misfire started. It became worse and the Engine Malfunction light came on. The car would only now tick over and not respond to the accelerator.
Switch off and on again and the car drove reasonably ok again with occasional misfire.
I change the fuel filter. The old one was spotless and had only done about 8,000 miles. However the problem was solved.
Now, 3000 miles later exactly the same issue has occurred. Has anyone experienced the same and is the filter the problem? I wonder is it that air is being drawn in through the filter housing?
Also, Ford charge nearly 55 euro for a genuine Ford filter but I can buy Wix for 11 euro or MANN filters for 17 euro. Ford say if I use anything other than a Ford Filter then they will not assist if a serious fuel issue should arise (car is out of warranty by 2 years anyway) but is there any issue with the quality of these other filters that I should be aware of?
I have always used Wynn's Eco Diesel additive since the car was new.