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5905 Mondeo Rear Trailing Arm Bush Tool Kit

14 May 2014 - 06:58 PM

My 2008 Mondeo is ready to have the worn trailing arm bushes replacein g. As many of yojumay know, Ford wiill only replace the whole unit at a cost of £320 per side - £640 is a lot of money! I've done my research and can get quality bushes, but don't have the tools to do the job properly.

First Line have developed a tool especially to tremove the bushes in -situe taking less than an hour for both sides.

I'm looking for a garage that can do this in the Liverpool of Merseyside area. Would any of the forum members know of any specialist of mechanic that has the tool yet or that I could call?

As it costs less than £400 to buy, it would be a big sell for any garage top bring in Mondeo owners!

For those who are as curious as me, here's the link to youtube re the First Line tool: