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In Topic: Non Linear Throttle Response.

19 December 2012 - 06:46 PM

Thanks for your response. I also have another car which is petrol and "fly by wire" accelerator also. It idles around 7-800rpm. When i (in neutral) press the accelerator extremely gently the revs rise slowly as expected and it is a very linear and smooth response.
In the SMAX it idles around the same but pressing the accelerator in the same manner results in no increase in engine revs until a certain point where it just snaps to 2000rpm or above.
This symptom would indicate point 1 or 5 above. It is not turbo lag or clutch related as I am in neutral and the car is not moving.
I ran the ford garage and they told me to ring the technical number. But at £1 per minute, why should i have to do that on a new car??

Just wondering if anyone else has an 2012 smax and whether it does the same thing.