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Non Linear Throttle Response.

19 December 2012 - 05:24 PM

Hello everyone. I'm new to ford ownership. Bought a pre-reg with 0 miles smax in October. It is 2.0 TDCI zetec. Already had the window motors replaced on the front. Bad start..

Next issue seems to be the non-linear reponse from the accelerator which causes difficulty in taking off from stopped. If i press the accelerator slowly whilst in neutral , there is no reponse from the engine. At a certain point it then jumps straight to around 2000rpm or higher. Why is this? My friend you co-incidently bought the same car seems to have the same problem although i have not tested their car.

ECU anomaly?
It certainly makes the car hard to drive without either conking out or revving it excessively,

Any ideas?