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2004 Tdci Handbrake Travel

03 January 2013 - 01:53 AM

I've looked on the net and read quite a but about handbrake adjustments . Last week I put on new rear bearings brand new calipers discs and pads . . I fitted brakes and left off handbrake cables . Bled brakes as normal then pumped brakes hard about 10 times . Refitted hand brake cables and checked all cables were free and working correctly . Pumped brakes again then pulled up handbrake as far as if would go about 20 times . Then about another 100 times and the handbrake will not tighten up . Cables were replaced about a year ago so they are not stretched . There is loads of movement at the end if the cable . The caliper arm moves as far as it can travel but still not got a decent handbrake . I took off caliper s and wound them out a bit . . Pumped brakes again then applied hand brake about 1000 times and still no !Removed! handbrake ??? Only thing I'm wondering is . I smeared the caliper face with copper grease and back of pads to stop squeal . Could this be the cause . If not . Why the heck won't it adjust up . Please help . 2004 mondeo tdci . Thanks