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Cam Sensor

14 December 2014 - 07:50 PM

I bought my daughter a Streetka a couple of years ago. It took her a while to pass her test, which she has now done. The Streetka I bought her is knacked (front end smack and botched). The front panels have been repositioned using a torch, no paint and now are rusted beyond repair.


Bought her another with 42k on the clock 54 plate one lady owner. Coolant problem. It has new aluminium thermostat housing, new water pump, but problem was actually a split in reservoir bottle. Its sorted BUT..... Think the previous owner gave up and bought a new Ford. 


The engine management light is now on. Says Camsensor fault. I've cancelled it and it goes away. Then start it again and its back. 


 Where is the Cam Sensor? There's not a workshop manual for these so not sure where it is. 


A pointer would be appreciated. 


PS I have a blue Streetka going very cheap in Newcastle.