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In Topic: Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

20 February 2013 - 03:49 PM

the door lock issue is simple its the fob hold the lock button down and then with the lock button held press the unlock button for 5 secs now all doors will unlock when the fob is pressed once unlocking door can be as simple as water in the lock remove top torque screw on side of door nearest driver spray wd40 in a down wards 45 degree angle refit the torque screw and try if its still the same give it 20 mins then try again worked on my mk1

Tried as you said held buttons down and pressed unlock button once and the drivers door didn't unlock pressed it twice the back doors unlock but drivers is still locked.

In Topic: Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

20 February 2013 - 03:23 PM

Seems peculiar...

so nothing changed? it just started swapping how it locks?

Nothing has changed including the way it locks, when I press he fob I can't hear any motor or vibration from the drivers door but it does lock the whole car when the key is inserted?

In Topic: Mk1 Passenger Airbag

20 February 2013 - 03:20 PM

I would always adviwe put little ones in the back seat. In a side impact, your car is more likely to be struck at the nose when you creep out of a corner (trust me you will both be doing a whole lot of this in the early days) so this keeps the impact away from the little one.

It is also closer to the centre of the car, so in the event of a front or rear shunt, the little one has more protection from front and rear to prevent any objects from striking them,

The only circumstance you can never avoid the risk of is a side impact at the rear, but a lot of the creeping and peeping you will do, should minimise this risk, and any side swipes will be of minimal impact and reduced damage.

Hope this helps in the slightest!

I think when you put it like that I would rather her put the little one in the back, think she just a bit worried as she won't be able to see him when she's on her own.

In Topic: Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

19 February 2013 - 09:19 PM

Have you tried the test function to see if all the door switches are working properly? Sounds like the car thinks a door is open and that why it isn't locking.

here is a link to the procedure http://www.pistonhea...=0&t=595724

Tried this and all doors flash when opened and shut!

do you ever get a noise whilst driving along that sounds like the locking motors are trying to lock?

yes every now and then it does this, my problem is I press the unlock button and all doors unlock except the drivers. I have to put the key in to unlock. When I try to lock with the fob you can hear all the doors except the driver try to lock the instantly unlock, then I put the key in and turn and all doors lock?

In Topic: Speedo Trouble

03 January 2013 - 06:57 PM

To clear things up I did say I got my phone out, I didn't say I filmed it the other half did. Thanks for the info and clearing it up are they hard to fit? Also where is it fitted/located.