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Focus 1.6Tdci 58 Plate

10 February 2014 - 07:06 PM

don't know where to turn now.... my focus developed a engine malfuction fault , basicly it's stuck in limp mode , it's been into 3 different garages and no one can find whats wrong, the main deal had it for a month and couldn't find the fault they just said the cluster needs replacing at a stupid price , i have sent the cluster away twice to be checked and both time came back in full working order according to the company i havent got the money just to replace the cluster just to see if it that which is what the dealer has said i need to do just for elimination process, everything works ok apart from being stuck in limp mode no the mot has run out and i cant get a new one till it's sorted , anyone able to offer any advice , had the accelerater pedal replaced and that didnt solve it either spent over 600 quid so far on labour and parts and still no joy

2008 1.6Tdci Titanium Fault

29 December 2013 - 08:53 PM

anyone able to help, my focus has broke , had an engine malfunction put it into local garage they couldn't help although they found a couple of corroded wires which they repaired so took it to a main dealer spent a fair amount of money and they still haven't been able to sort it , first they said it was glow plugs, then it was the accelerator pedal so replaced that still same problem then they said it was the dash cluster needed replacing at a stupid price so I sent clocks to a company and they've come back with a 2 year warranty stating that they work fine no faults, basically where I stand now is the car runs but when ever I press accelerator I get a beep and display says engine malfunction and says reduced acceleration, read the error codes and comes up with immobiliser id does not match although this was the fault the main dealer said they had but they wont investigate any further until they replace the cluster even though the company I sent them to state they are working correctly , I don't want to fork out 650+ and its not the clocks and something else anyone have any thoughts on what it may be


Help !!!

03 November 2013 - 05:45 PM

Hi all any advice welcomed... right had a few issues with car (1.6 tdci 08 plate) anyway been in garage several times had various things done still no fix anyway it was traced down to the cluster car running with cluster out of dash then malfunction happens wiggle clocks fault goes everything fine then comes back wiggle clocks again fault goes had the wiring all checked no breaks or anything, but if you pressed the grey terminal block on back of cluster then fault would go let pressure off and fault comes back so had cluster terminal resoldered  and that's now fine seems there was a dry joint / crack in one of the terminal pins but now car will run but only with reduced acceleration everything else appears fine car runs just the pick up speed reduced , tried clearing codes , disconnecting battery but everytime touch the accelerator pedal even very lightly the warning beep and engine malfunction comes up and says acceleration reduced.... any ideas ? does the car need to go to be reset at a ford dealer or could there be a further fault with the cluster? I've already paid for 2 diagnostics and over 200 quid for replacing the earth cables because of corrosion and fault finding still car not fixed , ford want over 700 quid to replace the cluster and to upload info from old cluster to new one :(

Voltage /pcm

25 October 2013 - 12:18 PM

hi i'm after some help I've previously posted about problems with engine malfunction and all sorts of stuff happing on my 2008 1.6 tdci titanium put new battery on and decided to change glow plugs because I had them anyway still no difference sometimes would be fine and then other times malfunction again, been to several garages and one said so many fault codes they wouldn't know where to start anyway just been running the car with a test meter on the battery and was charging normally at about 14.4 volts then the display beeps and said engine malfunction checked the meter and the volts had jumped up to 16.9 volts switched car off straight away left it for a few minutes then restarted everything fine voltage normal again then again the beep and engine malfunction and then volts had jumped back to 16.9 ish , rang the garage and spoke to the mechanic that first looked at it and he said that that hadn't happened when they had it hooked up but then again the car didn't show a malfunction for them either but he said that explains a lot and said that the voltage jumping would cause all sorts of problems with the pcm , apperantly there is a for technical bulletin regarding the wiring loom and corrosion which would cause this exact problem , I asked if it could be the altenator but he said very unlikey ...... so question is a: where is pcm located so I can check the wiring and trace it back to see if there is any problems with it  b: does the power from altenator not go directly to the battery first? c: if ford know about this problem would / should the correct the fault ? cheers for any help given driving me nuts so hopefully can get it sorted

2008 Focus 1.6 Tdci Titanium

18 October 2013 - 06:27 AM

Hi there in need of help so any info would be greatly received,i have a 2008 focus 1.6 tdci titanium  about 2 months ago went out to car and wouldn't start said engine malfunction, tried a few times and car restarted and not had any probs since until yesterday same thing happened so called out green flag they couldn't help to indentify problem because their box couldn't communicate with the car but has it was running again they said see how it goes anyway thought i'd put it into garage that does work on it for a diagnostics check but they couldn't help because it came up with over 10 fault codes and they couldn't tell what may be causing the problem I got chatting to an old boy there and he said he thought it could be a fuse box problem because of the intermitten nature I drove back no problems checked the fuse box in engine bay and sure enough there was evidence of water dirt ingress so disconnected battery tried cleaning it up the best I could gave it a spray with some electrical spray replaced fuses and now the car won't even start just comes up on dash with transmission malfunction, i'm guessing that the problem is still in the fuse box unless anyone a another thought... how hard are they to take out so I could see the underneath and see if there is even more corrosion than I could see from above as said any help appreiciated