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1.6 Tdci Econetic - Dissapointing Mpg's

25 February 2013 - 03:06 PM


Our new '62 Mondeo 1.6TDCi Zetec is now 3 months old and is struggling on the MPG front.

3813 miles covered, and 481 litres of diesel consumed
maths below...
cheapest diesel locally is £1.429 per litre as of 25th Feb

total miles 3813 total litres 481 weeks 12 miles per lite 7.927235 litres per mile 0.126147 miles per £1 5.5474 £ per mile 0.180265 weekly miles 317.75 weekly £ 57.27908 weekly litres 40.08333

in old english, 36 miles per gallon (thats 12.76km per litre)

I know it's winter but I've not been tempted to activate the A/C, so it's just the heater set at about 20 and lights in the evening...

my commute is Enfield to Thurrock, so is a 20 mile run over the eastern section of the A406 (50mph) and a little bit of 70mph A13
my other 117 miles a week are just pootling around enfield and harringey in the usual stop start traffic.

Evren so - what gives? this is a 60+mpg engine, right? I'd have thought that i'd be on around 45mpg's, and i know it's a new engine etc, but 36mpg?

this is done with real maths and volumes at the pump, so i'm not relying on the trip computer here.

Could there be something wrong? The engine pulls clean and smooth, the tyres are at the right pressure, i am not carrying a ton of concrete in the boot....

please - any suggestions / comments would be welcome!