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Escort stalling

05 February 2009 - 01:51 PM

Right here we go,

i have searched through the previous threads but with nothing concrete to help me, so here goes, any help is much appreciated.

My escort GTI Estate is behaving very oddly, on first start (cold) the engine runs normally at about 950rpm, this is all fine, i set of driving and at the first junction, roundabout etc i depress the clutch, the revs drop to 500rpm and one of two things happen
1) it stays above 500 rpm, the battery light flickers momentarily, and the car begings to adjusts its revs between 500rpm and 1100 rpm.
2) It drops below 500rpm, and stalls

This doesnt just happen as the engine is getting up to speed, it can happen at any time during my hour long journey to work, and has been known to happen as i slow to a give way point and not actually stop!

I have heard this could be the ISV but i dont know where it is so i am having problems finding it to clean/replace it!

Help me please!


Morning All!

05 February 2009 - 01:11 PM

Morning all,

hope everyone is enjoying the snow, or is at least as hampered getting to work as i am!

New to the forum, i have a '98 Escort Estate GTi, 1.8 16v in metallic blue, half leather, you know the rest!
Just thought i would say hello, i will get some pictures up soon enough!