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In Topic: Flashing Glow Plug Light/ Random Engine Cut Out

08 August 2013 - 08:54 AM

I think the new cam sensor and bleed off pipes have helped a bit, but it is still hard to start/restart and cuts out the engine on a frequent basis.


So this morning I got 4 yogurt pots and some hose, stuck them on the injector bleed off ports and ran the engine to look at bleed off rates for the different injectors. I was going to be scientific and run it on idle for a couple of mins and then alternate high revs/idle a few times then measure the amount, but after less than a minute at idle, one of the pots was almost full! Numbering left to right when facing the car, No.1 was the best, just a small amount in the pot. No. 2 was bad, a half filled pot, No. 3 was about a quarter full and No. 4 was almost a full pot.


So it looks like the garage's suggestion was right, it is the injectors bleeding off too much fuel so the high pressure cannot be maintained in the common rail.


Anyone know where I can get some cheap injectors and if I need to get the new injectors registered with the ECU?

In Topic: Flashing Glow Plug Light/ Random Engine Cut Out

07 August 2013 - 12:40 PM

This morning I replaced the cam sensor, was £15 and easy to do. But it hasn't helped much. I had no stalling driving around town, but as soon as I got on the motorway and got some speed up, it began flashing the glow plug light, then cutting out the engine. Also the restarting was not quick. I also bought some injector bleed off hose and I've just replaced that on the car. Hopefully that will solve the problem, I'll find out on the way home tonight.

In Topic: Is There Such A Thing As A Competent Ford Dealer?

07 August 2013 - 12:34 PM

It's not just Ford dealers that are crap. It's the same with other brands.


Even though it costs you £300, with their overheads etc dealers don't have time to service cars properly and make a profit, so a lot of minor things get overlooked, or they'll fob you off until the warranty runs out, then it's not their problem anymore and they can sell you a new car.


But as I said, it's not just Ford that are like that.

In Topic: Flashing Glow Plug Light/ Random Engine Cut Out

05 August 2013 - 01:38 PM

Problem has got a lot worse and now the car is difficult to start. Depending on how long the car has been standing it can take up to 60 secs for the engine to fire. This is bad when you are going along the motorway and the engine cuts out and it takes 20 secs to get the thing started again. I thought it might be the excess fuel bleed off pipes from the injectors. On another car I had, the rubber would perish letting air in, making the car difficult to start and run badly. I spoke to a garage and they said the injectors tend to go bad regularly on Fords and I should recon the injectors. I looked on eBay, it's about £100 per injector. It's not worth doing the whole set as the car is probably worth not much more than that. Seems like Ford did not standardise their OBD system for diesels until after 2004, so that's why my Scangauge 2 won't read it, and probably most other things won't either.


Any more thoughts? At this rate I'm going to burn out the starter.

In Topic: Steering Wheel Wobble Under Braking

01 July 2013 - 01:03 PM

If the new discs were fitted on hubs that were not cleaned properly, you will still get judder. It only takes dirt about the thickness of a human hair on the hub to put the disc out of alignment and cause judder. You should also check the calipers and slider pins are not seized etc.