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In Topic: Forum Login Issue [Facebook Login]

08 January 2013 - 10:06 PM

Ok, tried logging in with all the passwords I've ever used on forums but this one is escaping me. Also tried getting it to send the password, but its neither turned up to my current email address, or the one I used for FB so beats me.

I'll message you but add on here, if you can reset my password, that would be champion Mark!

In Topic: Help With 10 Yr Old Focus

08 January 2013 - 04:49 PM

I agree completely, these things have a nasty way of catching up with you. But I must say, if I was in your position, rather than spending potentially shed loads on replacing every suspension component, spend about £80 and get the best recovery package you can. It won't fix your car, but will give you piece of mind that should something happen you'll either get home or get to where you're wanting to go.

I know this may not be seen as good economics, but so far, apart from insurance and a set of glow plugs, the car has cost your nothing and I guess is still running.

From my memory of having a 1.8 TD lump in a mondeo, the Glow plugs were a !Removed!, no other way of doing it apart from removing various parts of fuel system pipe work. For the dipstick tube, breakers yard or some online eBay breakers may be your best bit. If you go main dealer, you will get a hiding on the price, no doubt.

Again from memory on my TD, a bit of oil is common, especially with a well warn turbo. I know when I started out uping the performance on mine the first thing I did was remove the intercooler and give it a bath. The amount of crap that came out was unreal, I can only imagine it was struggling to pass much air. The clean did give it better throttle respone as I remember, but hardly made it a snorting turbo beast.

In Topic: How Long Will It Last (Alternator)

07 January 2013 - 05:05 PM

Is indeed a small world on the web.

Yes, Silver Calcium is required for the smart charge system fitted to your car. You may find your battery has had a few too many over voltage charges and its giving it grief.

The principle behind it is simply Ford believed that a battery can be recharged quicker and faster when cold. So the computer in your car takes a measurement of the engine temp, air intake temps and I believe the coolant temp. Working with all this, it decides whether to boost up the output voltage of the alternator. This means sometime the alternator can be hitting the battery with upwards of 15 or so volts. This has been known to cause issues with lead acid batteries, where they'll give up and die or most likely boil over.

The Silver Calcium batteries have a much higher tolerance to this higer voltage and take it far better. This may be why your standard battery is giving your electrickery such a run for its money.

Thats a damn decent price from Ford, so I would bite their hand off for it.

Regards the alternator belt, I would buy one once you've checked the condition of the old one. I had to replace one on my old MK TD lump, but that was because the power steering pump had been leaking and had deteriorated the condition of the driven surfaces. (fooked it!)

Best of luck with your new battery, failing that I guess its time to bite the bullet and hook up a new alternator. At least this way though you're going with the cheapest option first.

In Topic: How Long Will It Last (Alternator)

07 January 2013 - 04:15 PM

nice one mate! many thanks for your response!

i just bought this car and its been doing my head in with this electrical problem! its my first car and i want it up to scratch!

well i guess ill be buying a battery first but heres where im confused?!?! reading the focus owners guide originally supplied with the car it says 'this car is equipped with a lead/calcium battery and no other battery is to be used', but when i looked about in the forums people are saying 'silver/calcium' are the ones to be used only due to the smart charge system. was there a ford technical service bulletin about this at all?

im also on pistonheads forum discussing this and one guy bought a new bosch found here http://www.eurocarpa...70635&0&cc5_993

says all is good with this battery (for now) so just wondering what battery you got for yours? lead/calcium or silver/calcium.

I knew from reading the posts you were the guy from Pistonheads! Still having issues? I'm Camaro over there by the way. Did post to you on Xmas day hoping you were getting it sorted. Small world.

In Topic: Silly Question???? Need Help With Brake Pads..........

07 January 2013 - 03:56 PM

yeah it doesnt need connected to any computers it just needs a bit of care when pushing the pistons back slow and easy does it thats all

If i remember correctly from the days when I did it, remove the resouvoir cap and place a towel or rag around it, just incase anyone has topped up the fluid since the last pad change.