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Escort Mk 6 97 R Reg 1.6 Zetec Rough Tickover/idle Issue

10 February 2013 - 07:37 PM

hello..ive been running a yellow escort cabby as described above for a few weeks now..all good except today ..sitting at the traffic lights it wouldent idle correctly..just feels like its going to stall..it just sits there going brrm brrrm ie hunting..with around 2 sec intervals..ie the revs rise & fall..i fitted a std k& n filter last week & noticed that the air filter housing wouldent secure/ screw down completly at one end..anyone got one ??.im guessing its a maf problem issue,ie a mass airflow sensor..i googled it today & saw you could clean it with some std carb cleaner?? .. blast it .& dry it out hey presto.. good as gold..as they seem to clog up with dust dirt etc. up any checks i can do on it once off the car. ie to the electrical pins...also where can i access the ecu to read it via a handheld reader....it was noted that if a k& n air filter was fitted some of the oil off the filter could clog up the sensor?? it starts & runs great from cold..but when its warm it feels sluggish..& runs rich..ie the exhausts slightly black & sooty & it smells of petrol..very faint but still present..any help would be great..i havent took the plugs out to check colour condition etc..

Hello To All

08 January 2013 - 08:48 PM

hello.. ive just joined tonight & im running a yellow mk 6 escort cabby .its a std 1.6 ..only mod is the 15"gti alloys..looking for any help re squeezing some extra ponies out the engine.& im .looking at a full stainless de cat exhaust system.. any ideas?? any help gladly accepted..harlow essex..