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Planning To Buy Mondeo

15 January 2014 - 10:52 AM

So, i used to drive 2.0 tdci mk3 before i bought this focus, and now im planing to change to mk4 mondeo. 


The car that i have in mind is 2010, 2.0 TDCI (140) automatic, driven 230k km... 


The MK3 Did 470k km succesfully whitout a doubt before i sold it, could i assume same from the mk4? 


The mk3 engine was fords own, the mk4 is aparantly borrowed from PSA? Any ideas if the CAM is chain driven, or belt driven (and how often it should be changed)... And owerall, is it worth to buy? I loved the MK3, but i have the doubts from the mk4 (especialy when the first psa engined car i bought was this focus, and 3 months after i was changing an engine to it)

Heater Motor Relay? Eberspächer Installation

19 October 2013 - 06:18 PM

Braced my self for the oncoming winter and bought eberspächer.

Got it the mechanic done today, and left the electonics for tomorrow. Now only thing that is still bt fuzzy for me is, where can i find the relay for the heater motor?

Thanks :)

Connecting Iphone 5 To Cd6000

10 October 2013 - 07:51 AM

So, ive been listening music from my phone via the 3.5mm aux connection for a year now, but what has been irritating me from the begun, is that i need to grab the phone and unlock it to change track, and the the "wire jungle" that is going on in my centre console (the 3.5mm jack and the charger). 



So, is there anyway to connect the iphone 5 to the cd6000 so that it streams trough the lightning connector, charges the phone, and you could use the steering remote to change track. 


Friend from work uses Xcarlink on his toyota, and it works neatly, but it only supports the old iphone/ipod connector, and no, i dont want to use 30pin to lightning adapter... :/



Ideas ? 

Broken Rear Spring, Looking For New Set But What Model Do I Have?

19 August 2013 - 07:39 PM

So, quick question. Noticed today that my driver side rear spring has snapped. Since i allready have one busted front shock, i decided that i buy whole lowering set (shocks and coils) but, when i was browsing weitec sites i got no clue what focus i should pick? DYB, DBY, DBX, DBW  etc since i honestly got no clue. 


The car is 2006 1.6 tdci.. Any help ?

1.6 Tdci Wount Go... Wait It Goes! Nope, It Wount...

07 March 2013 - 06:47 AM

So, a while ago noticed this: When you brisky acceleration, between ~2000 and ~3000rpm you can clearly feel when the "pull" goes on and off. After ~3k you get nice and steady pull. 


I encountered this first time whit the old engine, but didnt bother to give it any attention since i was changing the engine. But, now when it does it whit the new engine, il need to give it a closer eye. 


First thing that came in to my mind, is that egr is stuck. When i turn the car off, i can hear the EGR doing the self test loop for few secs. And, ive been driving around the EGR disconnected for the las ~2000km and it did not have any effect. 


If you accelerate gently, you wount notice anything out of ordinary, but if you accelerate briskly (like in overtaking) you can clearly feel it. Turbo should be fine, atleast i get steady 1.1bar boost during acceleration. :/



Any ideas ?