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New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

09 February 2009 - 09:29 PM

Hi all

On seperate posts I have indicated that I have a New 1.4 TDCi and on the whole - am very impressed with it....


The economy is SO FAR away from the claimed....sorry, claimed is not good enough.....Advertised MPG from Ford and all magazines that I can see this being a real bug-bear for me, so I wanted to start a new topic to keep you informed.

The Advertised MPG of 67 was THE reason behind me getting this car. My aim is to save cash.....most new small cars are pretty much of a muchness (Sorry, crap saying I know) - but the Ford MPG was a clincher (Secondary came the fresh design and handling of course!!)

I have been told, along with others on this board obviously, that it should improve over time. While I think this shouldn't be the case - I am willing to give it a go. If the figure does not improve from it's current level - I have decided I am going to start writing to whoever I think should be listening - this will probably waste my time, and more importantly theirs - but I do not find it acceptable that they can advertise one figure and yet the reality is SO much different.

I also don't accept the argument "The advertised MPG is under strict controlled conditions" as explained by my local dealer. As far as I know there are 3 figures quoted by Ford (and magazines) - Urban, Extra Urban and Combined. Again, my understanding is that the Combined is "supposed" to reflect real driving conditions / situations - so should be a good reflection.

So, as we stand at the moment - I have just gone past 1,500 miles and I am currently averaging 47MPG. By my quick reckoning - this is about 200 miles per tank short of the advertised.....NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Well, thanks for getting this far. I apologise if these seems a pointless rant over something we should all just accept - if so, thanks for your time and please feel free to ignore any further posts under this heading. Otherwise I will keep you updated as to the ongoing economy of my little motor (my god, how dull does that sound? but it may prove useful for any prospective buyers doing some research) and also any responses I may (or may not) get from anyone in authority.


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Initial Concerns - Mk VII 1.4 TDCi

06 February 2009 - 10:11 AM

Hi all

Have now covered just over 1,000 miles in the new motor....and I have to say I am very impressed.

Just a couple of gripes which I would welcome comments on:-

1) There is a constant noise coming from the drivers side when the engine is running. This is noticeably louder when the engine is cold......but even after longer runs it is still there and is quite annoying. Dealer told me there was nothing wrong and it was the noise of the Power Steering! Not sure this is true as I can't believe they would design something with this kind of noise. Even after the Diesel rattle has subsided it is still there!!

2) Economy. The whole idea of getting this car was swayed heavily by the quoted figures. I previously had a Meganne R26 which returned only about 28Mpg. Now I am not so naiive to think I would be getting the stated 67Mpg straight away - or even after a while running in.....but at the moment, after 1,000 miles...... I am only getting 48Mpg. I have previously had a 2.0 TDi Golf...and that returned 50+ - surely a smaller car with a 1.4 engine should be more economical!!
The dealer wasn't interested - they simply told me how to calculate the Mpg.....quite obviously I had already done this or I wouldn't have known there may be an issue - and also that the engine hadn't "run in" yet.
Should I really be expecting such a dramatic increase as the miles grow?
Am going to take it back to another dealer to see what they think......but I cannot accept a difference of about 20Mpg from the quoted / advertised "Combined" figure. That's almost 200 miles difference per tank!!

Despite the above - I do actually love the car. Is a different experience than I am used to - driving becomes much more relaxed than in the Meganne. Just want to get rid of these niggling doubts.

Cheers for any comments

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06 February 2009 - 09:40 AM

Hi all

Quick intro - picked up my new Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Style+ (in Morello) just before Christmas.

This is my answer to the worlds recession in the hope the economy will save some pennies.

Generally amd very impressed with the car - have owned a 1.25 Zetec before (not sure which model) - which was a great little car. This new one has certainly moved the game on by a long way.

Look forward to sharing views on the board

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