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#252461 Cr-Box Tuning Plug In Box...anyone Got One?i

Posted by bladeage on 15 April 2013 - 06:33 PM


The clatter when it was cold outside last week and before then actually retarded the power, i.e. it did not accelerate as quick as when warm, I take it from the above two posts that the lifters are hydraulic, if so then the quality of oil would make a big difference in the cold so next question is....do I put Mobil 1 in or similar for cold weather running?


#248447 Should I Swap A 2009 Mondeo Estate 2.2 Tdci For A Focus 1.6 Tdci?

Posted by bladeage on 01 April 2013 - 07:37 PM



smaller car vs's larger car maybe 5 mpg difference round town, service costs, repair costs etc etc....


I previously had a Merc E320 cdi estate that whilst I was using on long runs was great on diesel,doing 45 mpg most of the time but when I changed job and started commuting it did 32 mpg....which is pretty good for a big un! Still not good enough tho and I miss the merc for its space but I have really warmed to my 2007 mk3 mondi, excellent mpg and all works well.......great commuter!

#248429 Cr-Box Tuning Plug In Box...anyone Got One?i

Posted by bladeage on 01 April 2013 - 06:40 PM

Hi  :( ,


Just signed into this thread I started and it seems tempers are fraid somewhat?

I didn't really intend for anyone to fall out over the subject and I can assure all parties that I and many others have been listening intently to "all" the advice given,all advice etc was/is very welcome on the subject.....absolutely!! :)

I guess we are all here to gain information on the cars we drive on a daily basis...and mostly...there are certain posters here that offer excellent advice and opinion which is based mostly on either/or, experience and practical theory, without these people then the lesser experienced people on here such as myself will not benefit except for stabs in the dark sometimes based on mis-information. (I speak of FOCA and STOOGE 75 being excellent contributers!)


I for one have learned loads about fuelling and how these piggyback units work now!




I left the car over night and started it up around 2pm, the diesel rattle was not there at all so as a guess I think that the outside temperature has some bearing on the said rattle (what is the rattle stooge? :) ), soooo....guessing again...when it is very cold the ecu compensates with more fuel to get things going and with the piggyback unit telling the ecu it is already cold and to add more fuel/pressure then the ecu either gets confused and I am just over fuelling the engine which is now running out of time for the amount of fuel being added.

I can see if this is the case that it would be much better to have a full remap!


We went for a meal 40 ish miles round trip on the motorway and the car was averaging 60- 62 mpg at 72 mph, funnily enough when you let it come down to 68 mph then the mpg dropped to 58-59, my missis's Signum Elite does the same thing also and I now think they have a sweet spot for best mpg!???

My commute is still returning between 49-53 mpg on A road and city stop starting (24 mile return journey), I have not yet done a scientific calculation with brimmed tank to empty but I do think the gain is looking to be correct on the 40 quids worth of fuel I put in last week, and I really do know that My right foot is well backed off to the point that I am feathering the accelerator pedal at minimum on flat roads to keep it at speed.

I think you may have guessed I am not a thrasher and I have to be honest that if I were, then I think the extra noise the car makes if you put your foot down in a morning when stone cold (-0) would equate to damage if repeated on a regular basis as it is obvious there is a fuel/timing issue probably resulting in the cylinders being hydraulicked on a very cold start up,knowing this I have backed right off at first until the engine is warm (as everything sounds normal that way!) and wait for a few miles until the engine is warm when everything is good and working great.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation and not one I want to stay with but I feel that with the warmer weather coming and the fact my driving is limited to slowish commuting anyway then I will continue to use the piggyback and keep reporting back.


Just something to take note of though.......


On cold start up before I fitted this box this sound was already there and the engine acted exactly the same way....but to a lesser,quieter degree! so deduce it is extra fuel being added by the piggy back.?

also....I have not once seen any smoke from the car before or after fitting and when warm (2 miles down the road) everything is very good, if it werent for the cold start bit then the £59 tuning box I brought would be and absolute bargain, as it stands right now, then I am reserving long term judgement!


How do I reset my ECU ????


#247683 Possible Steering Pump Problem

Posted by bladeage on 29 March 2013 - 07:27 PM

I think my mk3 had this same problem before I brought it and it was the steering rack that was changed.

#247681 Cr-Box Tuning Plug In Box...anyone Got One?i

Posted by bladeage on 29 March 2013 - 07:21 PM

Excellent post FOCA !


I for one I did not realize there were so many different ways and outcomes that tuning boxes offer!


I guess I have one of the cheaper ones (£59) and it does fit to the common rail sensor, I do know it is a digital one as I specifically asked the question as per your prompt to do so.

I have noticed today that because of the extra power/torque when I am changing up then when I get into fifth and eventually sixth on occasion then I seem to need less throttle to keep it at that speed.....I guess what I am saying is my foot is not pressed down nearly as much when I get into the upper gears and infact in fifth gear now on a flat road my foot is hardly pressing the accelerator and now only needs a very slight press to overtake etc.


I did notice something slightly different this morning though and that was the sound of the injectors were a bit louder, perhaps they sounded a little bit more clattery (the tdci noise) however 2 miles down the road when warmed up properly everything sounded normal again, maybe the injectors dont like the extra fuel until warm?? Are the injectors in the 150bhp version the same as the 130bhp? p.s. it was awesomely freezing cold this morning so it could have been just that!?


cheers :)

#247182 Cr-Box Tuning Plug In Box...anyone Got One?i

Posted by bladeage on 27 March 2013 - 07:10 PM

Hi all,


Picked my CR tuning box up from the post office earlier and decided to plug it in while I was there, hahaha....big smile all the way home!

There wasnt really that much noticeable difference in first and second gear, maybe that is down to me not really giving it any in those two gears anyway but third fourth and fifth gears are now storming, the pick up is so quick and clean now, it wasnt really a slouch before I fitted the box but when you put your foot down now the power seems to come in instantly and the torque is much stronger,so much it is torque steering in third to fourth!

As above I would say that the 33 bhp gain that they claim is pretty much on the ball, I will not be taking it on a dyno etc to prove anything as it does now feel like a 160 bhp car, it certainly feels much faster than my missis's signum 150bhp elite so thats enough proof for me.

The claimed 20% better economy will take a little longer to suss out and I guess until I stop flooring it with a big grin and calm it down a bit then I will not be able to report on that.....it may take a while ! :D


First impressions are that it is a bargain at the £59 delivered I paid, and the power gain is correct,there does not seem to be any jerkyness or smoke or rough idle,holding revs etc.

I will continue using it for a few weeks and report back here on any changes etc.


#246083 Help Needed Please.. I Want To Buy A Used Mondeo Estate!

Posted by bladeage on 23 March 2013 - 08:47 PM

Passats are a very good alternative but are still prone to the obvious clutch,injectors,egr,dmf and so on.......this engine is prone to the throttle body going west along with electrical problems.


140k miles is not that bad! it will probably have had the dmf replaced (ask when?) and many of the other problems fixed (again ask?).

Any diesel nowadays will need a new clutch at 70k with normal driving around and up to 120k if mostly motorway miles, the injectors will need replacing more often on a motorway car with high miles as opposed to a run around with lower miles.


Got to look at the car and drive it, look at the owner and his surroundings and use some nounce! not every high mileage car is a bad one!

#242904 Mk3 2Ltr - No Top End Power - Cant Go Over 80Mph Up Incline?

Posted by bladeage on 12 March 2013 - 04:44 PM

I have just done the turbo on my missis's Signum 1.9 cdti, we had same ish problems as you are having and to cut a long story short...I cleaned the boost valve, cleaned the inlet manifold, cleaned the throttle body, cleaned and blanked the EGR valve off and got an instant improvement in performance although not the 150bhp it is supposed to be so next I ...........got a can of turbo cleaner that you spray into the Turbo inlet pipe, this made another big difference and the car boosted much better but still again not the 150bhp it is supposed to be! so next even though the car no longer has a DPF I added 10k BOOST DPF CLEANER to three quarters of a tank of fuel, this stuff has restored the car back to nearly 100% power, I could not believe the difference it made and that was 10 miles after I added it, the car now boosts cleanly and quickly thru all 6 gears.


Worth a try for the £10 it costs and even though your car does not have a DPF like our Signum it may make a difference? let us know!

#241669 EGR Clean

Posted by bladeage on 07 March 2013 - 09:08 PM


Firstly the Forte/wynns and other fuel additives that state "clean the induction system" really do, they do this by modifying the fuel flash point of the fuel i.e. making the fuel burn at a quicker and much higher temperature, this then burns carbon deposits away where they would not normally at normal diesel fuel running temperatures.


The instructions of use should be followed as they are devised in the laboratory on a dilution ratio e.g. 25% parts modifier to 100 parts fuel, you seem to have modified the laboratories stated dilution ratio by 75% positive etc,probably wont do your engine much good in the long run if practiced often>?

#228695 Has Anyone Tried Terraclean ?

Posted by bladeage on 20 January 2013 - 06:11 PM

Personally i think blocking the EGR valve with a blanking plate (removing this scource of "muck" at least) is better/ more cost effective

"stop the muck getting in in the 1st place"

Taking the inlet manifold off seems the only practical/ effective way of removing the carbon muck from the inside of the inlet manifold the EGR system has deposited

Obviously a diesel engine gets clogged up with more than just the carbon from the EGR, but its a start

Yep I think with diesels that removing the inlet manifold,egr valve turbo sensor/s and giving them an awesome clean works wonders, I have done it on my e320 merc (200k) and my missis's signum diesel and it worked wonders both times, much smoother running, better tick over and more power!
Blanking off the egr valve can throw error warnings up on the dashboard but 97% sure it will not hurt the engine and will stop it getting sooted up so quickly.