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2013 Metal Throttle Response V Engine Revs

16 May 2013 - 05:12 PM

I've got this ( another) annoying issue with my metal. When I change up gear, the engine revs increase by a couple of hundred RPM... very irritating. To get round it I take my foot off the throttle, wait a bit , then change up. Anyone else suffer/notice this? Doesn't do it on my wife's 11 plate Fiesta.... :(

Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

12 January 2013 - 11:21 AM

Treated myself to a new '62 Metal. Very nice and almost as fast as my old ST170. My wife has an '11 Titanium...
Going over bumps, I get a sound like someone has whacked the rear N/S floorpan with a lump of 4x2 ! Seems to be at speeds between 20-30 mph.... Doesn't happen going over full width speed bumps. Reported my findings/complaint to my dealer who hasn't replied for over a week. Mentioned it in my Ford satisfaction survey- nothing :(
Doesn't happen on the wife's Tiatnium...
Before I go to my local dealer, anyone having similar problems ? If the car had a rear subframe, I'd suspect there were bolts loose/missing....
Apart from that, I love it. Pity the Mrs wouldn't let me have the 2.0 ST - she says I'm too old to be a boy racer :)