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In Topic: Mondeo 53 Estate Rear Light Cluster

20 January 2013 - 10:53 AM

Hi Martin, Your bad??? Not at all.

At least now there's a procedure for others to follow.

Now, I've just had to do a left front headlight bulb!! Had to dismantle the front of the car... almost. And it's different to the Mondeo 02 plate I had previously.

Ford don't make these little jobs easy for us, do they?

In Topic: Mondeo 53 Estate Rear Light Cluster

14 January 2013 - 06:40 PM

Thanks Martin,

No, the rear light cluster goes up to the top of the rear pillar.
However, I worked it out - there are two access points/removable panels. One is 'carpet type material' about 6 inches up from the floor - that's why I couldn't see it! The other looks like a 'speaker grille' near the top of the pillar. Remove these to get at two 'thumb nuts' and watch out for the sharp edges - not a lot of access space. Undo those and lift/pull out the light cluster from the outside.

Access to the bulbs in now possible.

Re-assembly is the reverse - push the light cluster back into position, re-install the 'thumb nuts' taking care not to drop them, then re-install the 'trim'.

Took about 5 minutes...

Thanks again...