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Escort Van Mk6 - How Do I Disengage The Steering Lock...help!

13 January 2013 - 11:14 AM

Hi all,

I'm having fun (loosely termed...) with my Escort van.

Yesterday for the first time it wouldn't start very easily on the key, after around half an hour of trying time and again, gently, forcefully, all kinds of trying, she eventually got there...

The issue was that the key wasn't engaging with anything so I am assuming my barrel needs replacing?

So, today, same problem, except this time there really is no joy, no lucky sweet-spot, no ignition, nothing...off comes the column housing!

I've managed to remove the ignition switch and with two keys (one in ignition, one in the switch itself) I can get the engine to turn over and all seems fine...


I still can't release the steering lock! So, what to do now?

I realise I'll need a new ignition barrel/keys, but if I can get the steering lock to disengage then at least I can drive to a mechanic to have the work done, otherwise im stick needing a flatbed to trailer me away...

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks for listening,