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S-Max Tailgate Lock & Warning

23 February 2013 - 12:52 PM

Hi there, I have a 2 year old S-Max which has developed a little fault(s) with the tailgate. I have found that it does not always open when the switch on the tailgate is pressed and takes a couple of goes. Also, and more worryingly, twice it has just opened itself as I'm driving along so the luggage compartment warning comes on. It doesn't fly open as it's too heavy, but it unlocked so needs to be relatched. I suspect these are related - perhaps it isn't actually locking properly when I close it or the lock is sticking (hence why it doesn't always open). Would a good spray of WD40 all around the lock itself help or does it sound like a trip to the dealer?

While I'm on, I bought the car from a small dealer (not Ford) on the basis that it had the balance of the 3 year Ford warranty (expiring Jan 14), but note that there are no service stamps in the book (although it was a motability car who are pretty hot on servicing). Can anyone tell me if the warranty is null and void without the service history or will anything less than 3 yrs/60k be covered whatever? Oh, and yes, motability leases are normally 3 years but have had it independently verifiied that the original owner lost their benefit mid-way through and had to return the car. Many thanks.

Replacement Key

20 January 2013 - 09:29 PM

Hi folks, just picked up my 'new' 2011 2.0 TDCi S-Max Powershift and very happy with it. I have one quick query about keys. I have been given two 'remote' keys however only one has the actual key blade stored inside. I'd like to get a new key cut for the other remote. I've been online and looked at loads of pages and really can't find out if the key blade itself is 'dumb' and is just a metal key to get into the car and the electronics to allow starting/alarm are all in the remote fob, or whether there is something in the key blade itself such as an embedded chip.

You seem to be able to get the blank blade online for less than a tenner such as here:


and assume that I could get that cut at any decent key cutter to match the one I do have?

However if it isn't 'dumb' I guess I am at the mercy of the dealer to have something programmed? Can anyone advise me please?

Have attached a picture of my key so you can see what I mean. Many thanks for your help.