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Mk3 Tdci 2.0 Power Drops Away Rapidly When Driving Hard...

08 February 2014 - 07:10 PM

Hi, had a recent issue with a dead battery. That's fixed now, but the car has developed another fault which I think is unrelated?


When I accelerate hard in 1st or 2nd, the power drops away rapidly. Earlier than it usually does, And it feels like its generally lacking a bit of power. (I've already had the blanking plate done etc)

At one point I'm pretty sure the engine switched off (stalled I suppose) as I was pulling away hard, I couldn't wait long enough to confirm it had stalled so I just cycled the ignition and carried on driving.


Also at another time on the motorway, I gave it some welly, and was in 6th gear at 90mph, (just treying to understand the symtoms), and power dropped a little and the coil light started flashing. This went away the next time I started the car (which happened to be the stall just above).


I guess I should get the fault read but it's intemittent and goes away when the ignition is switched off.

Anyone recognise these symtoms?


I can drive the car sensibly and it seems OK apart for when I try to accelerate hard (and sometimes thats useful)

Mk3 2L 03 Diesel Wont Start - Rapid Clicking - Youtube Vid.

27 January 2014 - 11:46 AM

Hi all, I went to cinema  on returning to the car , 3 hours later, it wouldn't start.


The air bag light flashes rapidly and there is a rapid clicking noise.


Also the temperature was displayed in Farenheit instead of centigrade which seemed a little suspicious , but other than that no signs of tampering. Is this immobiliser?


Here is a vid of me trying to start it: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=O61X7AgbSIY


Usually it starts first time no problem even when 2-3 degrees.


The recovery bloke tried to use a battery booster (incase it was flat battery - it wasn't), and we also tried to bump start it (luckily there were five of us!), but again no joy.


Any suggestions appreciated!


Also the range indicator was about 50miles and last filled up on Tesco Diesel (not usual choice) - Probably both irrelevant!


After a bit of googling I should also add that I think the LED  in the clock is flashing but not sure. I'll check again in a couple of hours